Friday, January 7, 2011

seasonal sadness

colby and i were on our way home from his swim lesson yesterday afternoon and i happened to glance back at him. he was looking out the window and his eyes were pretty misty, verging on tears.
me: colby, whats wrong bud?
colby: i'm sad because pumpkin scones are only seasonal.
me: ....what?
colby: the pumpkin scones at starbucks? they dont have them all the time, just at christmas, and now christmas is over and i wont get another pumpkin scone for all year!!
(and now hes crying. hard.)
me: well, you know, that means when you do get them they'll be that much better!
colby: but that just makes me so sad!
me: i bet i could make some! if you want pumpkin scones in the middle of summer, i can get the stuff to make them, and you can have them any time you want. ok?
colby: (shakes his head) its not the same.
me: i'm sorry. i dont know what else to tell you.
colby: i just need one. i need a pumpkin scone right now.
me: well, buddy, it would ruin your dinner if you had one right now anyway. hey, i know! maybe daddy can run up to starbucks when he gets home and get you one to have after dinner tonight. would that be ok?
colby: (big grin. i take that as a yes.)

allen got home with molly from dance class and immediately colby comes over to me and says
colby: ask him. remember? remember what you said? about the scone?

so i told allen what had transpired on the car ride home, and he suggested that i take him the next morning. every friday before allen takes molly to preschool the two of them have a daddy daughter date at dunkin donuts. they call it 5D day; daddy daughter dunkin donut day. so allen said
allen: why dont you go in the morning before co-op? molly and i can have our 5D day and you and colby can have you mommy colby starbucks day.
me: thats a great idea! colby can we do that? go in the morning?
colby: (big grin. i take that as a yes.)

and so it went. and wouldnt you know it. we got to starbucks, and there in the pastry case, in all its pumpkin-y orange glory, sat the last delicious pumpkin scone, which colby promptly walked up to the counter and ordered, lest anyone else get the same idea.

now we just have to see if that sustains him for the next....9 or so months.


Dawn said...

I know exactly how he feels! I stopped by Starbucks one morning this week and ordered a pumpkin spice latte only to be told that the season is OVER. I jokingly told the clerk that it couldn't be - my Christmas decor was still up. So, I ordered one of their new carmel mocha lattes - good, but just not the same.

Poor Colby! Remind me next year during "pumpkin season" and we'll meet at Starbucks - my treat!

sharihamontree said...

Love the dialogues, but I can't see the pink writing against your background.

H-Mama said...

oh my goodness. that's priceless.