Saturday, January 22, 2011

threesixfive, days 16 thru 22

we're officially back to our routine!! what can i say, i like consistency. at least in the day to day.
school is consistent, working out is consistent, awanas started back up; all is well.
we had a nice mellow week.

day16, sunday
i've been trying for months to finish up my 2009 scrapbook (yes, im THAT far behind). i'm going to start doing it on the computer so my stuff isnt spread out all over our dining room table. my photos from 2010 are uploading to mixbook as i type this! yay!
sunday i was able to wrap up the '09 book and pack it up.

day 17, monday
my clean dining room table! i havent seen this table without scrapbooking supplies all over it since febuary. and just in time, too. we had 20 people over for dinner monday night, so i needed that table to sit people at!

day 18, tuesday
as some of you know i collect red mugs. my friends, the kristens, bought this for me at starbucks last week. i love it, and was for some reason cold all day tuesday, so this got plenty of use. i also bought this creamer monday at the store. its sooooo yummy.

day 19, wednesday
i remembered at 10:30pm wednesday night that i didnt have a picture for the day. i was up at church in the youth building for band practice, so i took this picture of 'the wall'. everyone that ever comes into the youth building is asked to sign the wall under Jesus's name. allen started this about 2 years ago. i think its so cool.

day 20, thursday
colby had to use some of his consonant blends to write a story. this is what he came up with. i love seeing him grow and learn!!

day 21, friday
the kids and i went to the domain (a shopping area in austin) friday to keep my friend katie company while she spent her birthday money, and wrapped the trip up with a visit to starbucks. right outside is a firepit with rocking chairs and this little play area. its a great place to sit and hang out, and was a beautiful afternoon for it.

day 22, saturday
we had a birthday party to go to today at an inflatable play place. the kids wore themselves out. allen did too.

have a blessed week!!!


RaD said...

You don't even want to know how far behind my scrapbooking is. I laughed at the fact that someone else took a picture of their dining room table this week!

I like the blow up places, but they can be a scary place to lose track of your two year old. Let's just say she was completely fearless and I found her slowly and deteminedly (is that even a word?) making her way up the ladder of the biggest slide they had in the room.

Looks like you had a great week!


I don't even want to talk about being behind in scrapbooking. Was supposed to go to a scrapping party on Friday night from six to midnight...but did not get in the bed on Thursday night til after 1 and was up before 5 to go back to in stead of scrapping...I was sleeping in my chair. I hope to get some work done soon.

Lisa said...

Congrats on finishing your scrapbook! What an accomplishment. COlby's penmanship is very good. I like routine,too. Love "the wall"!

sara said...

I started putting mine in digital books awhile ago. it is just so much easier plus takes up less space on the shelf!!!

Love, LOVE the idea of the wall.

Mimi said...

I may have to try some of those digital books.

I end up with nothing anywhere but in my camera files online.


The Bug said...

I wish I liked coffee - that creamer looks delicious! I love your dining room - all that bright green. Jealous, a little bit :)

McCrakensx4 said...

blogged over from sara' your dining room and the painting that is hanging on your wall. and don't feel scrapbooks havent been touched since 2004...yea I am that far behind!! bounce places are always so much fun! and i love love love red as kitchenn is red/white/black so i love love love your new red mug with the fun hearts!

LuAnn said...

I love your dining room walls.
Have fun with your guests tonight.
Good job Colby !!!

Susan said...

I'm really jealous of all the photos with warm sunny days! sigh... I'm up to my eyeballs in snow! Oh well...

The mug is cute, and yes I tried the apple coffee mate, mmmm delicious.

I can imagine if you were surprised to SEE what the tabletop looked like after being covered with supplies for a bit.

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

great pictures. I love the color of your dining room. Colby did a great job with his sentence

Amy said...

Love your pictures. I especially love those red cups, and I am also very fond of Starbucks, but that is another story. I won't even tell you how far behind I am on my scrap booking, although it would make you feel better...ha.

rita said...

Good for you, digitalizing your memories AND persisting with your scrapbooking goals.
I was looking at my '81 archives this week. So much left to go through, but it's worth it. I found some real gems.
I so understand having to clean off the table for company. I appreciate deadlines like that ;)
You've got a great story writer in the making!
Have a great week.

Ladynred said...

I love your dining table!!