Saturday, January 29, 2011

threesixfive, days 23 thru 29

its been a looonnnggg week. molly had a cough sunday night that kept her from sleeping well, so i kept her home from preschool monday. monday night she spiked a high fever and the coughing started back up again. she was like that all week. sleeping a lot, not eating anything really. one of my best friends is a pediatric nurse practitioner and she said it sounded like the flu, but by tuesday when i talked to her, she said it was too late to treat it, and i would just have to ride it out. friday morning her fever was still high and she didnt seem to be getting any better. i called my friend again, and asked her what she would do. she said 5 days with fever is too long, and her fear was that it might have developed into something else. if it was wednesday or thursday she might wait another day, but heading into the weekend, she thought i should take her and let he dr listen to her chest and check her out.
i was at the drs office within the hour (praise the Lord we got in so quickly!!), and molly was sent home with a pneumonia diagnosis and two prescriptions. pneumonia?? really?!?!? the dr said it most likely started as the flu and the pneumonia was secondary. she literally slept the rest of the day with the exception of about 3 hours, and even those she spent on the couch.
this afternoon she perked up a little bit and ate a couple very small meals. hopefully by monday she'll be my healthy happy girl again.
i feel like a big blob. i've been sitting on the couch with her all week, sleeping and eating. i got out a little this afternoon to help with some stuff for our big disciple now youth event coming up next weekend, and allen and i had a double date thursday night with some friends. other than that, it was a pajama week. my pictures will reflect as such.

sunday, jan 23rd
molly wanted her bangs clipped back for church. she loves her forehead to show. she took one look at herself in the mirror and said, "the church will love me." so humble.

monday, jan 24th
we went to a middle school boys' basketball game, and colby, unbeknownst to us, used the bleachers for a drawing pad. you can read about how it all went down on my previous blog post. what a mess....but a fabulous learning experience for all of us.

tuesday, jan 25th
i made sardinian spaghetti for dinner. my kind of comfort food. this stuff is delicious, but i only make it every once in awhile because it calls for saffron, which is crazy expensive.

wednesday, jan 26th
all this time at home has allowed me to finish my very first digital scrapbook!! i used mixbook and found it very easy and fun! i cant wait to get it in the mail!!!

thursday, jan 27th
lots of this going on this week.

friday, jan 28th
every friday, allen takes molly to dunkin donuts before school. she obviously wasnt going to be going to school that day, but asked the night before if she would still have 5D day with daddy (daddy daughter dunkin donut day). he went and picked one up and brought it home to her.

saturday, jan 29th
mimi wanted molly to have some get well flowers, so she asked allen if he would pick some up for her, put them on the porch with a card, ring the doorbell, and run off. she was so happy with them. she carried them around the house with her all day.

as i mentioned earlier, we have a HUGE youth event at the church this weekend. if you think of it, please say a prayer for us. allen and i are both obviously deeply involved in the weekend, and the kids spend the weekend with mimi every year. we all need to be in good health! so far there are about 150 students signed up, and we'll get more this week (our group is notorious for last minute sign ups). they'll be staying at 24 different houses in the area, having worship services, small group sessions, and mission projects. i'll have pictures next week i'm sure! :-)


Tiffany said...

LOVE 5D sweet!

sara said...

I have to say, I love 5D day too! so awesome!!!

Hope she is feeling better seems pneumonia is going around in kids. i work in a pharmacy and have see a lot of it!

Can't wait to hear about the weekend!

Tori said...

5D Day sounds great!
How could the church not love her? And now bloggy world can too!! :)
Hope everyone is feeling better!

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

She looks pretty with her bangs clipped. The spaghetti makes me hungry.

RaD said...

5D day is going to bring back some fond memories for her.

I hope your daughter is feeling better soon. Love the pic of her and daddy snoozin' on the couch.

Darla said...

i had to LOL at your daughters comment that the church will 'love' me! hehe. sooo cute! also i will def. be checking into that digital scrapbooking that you mentioned.


Oh my where to start....molly is precious and I know the church loved her...who wouldn't. 5D day was awesome. I wanted that donut. I love Dunkin Donuts and we don't have one anywhere near us. Thanks for sharing such wonderful pictures. I hope your youth event went well. God Bless!

Lisa said...

Yup, great 5D tradition! Hope everyone is feeling better soon. Who did you order the scrapbook through?

The Cyber Hermit said...

I love 5D day. My dad and I used to do movies as "our thing". And the forehead-read pic is adorable :).

Mimi said...

Yep, 5D day rocks. I hope that she feels better.

I'll be praying for your youth event!


Kim said...

Wow, what a rough week for Molly. Sure hope she is feeling better now!

Trust the big youth event went well and y'all are too wiped out :) Looking forward to seeing the photos!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

"the church will love me" too cute! Out of the mouths of babe's.

Very sweet!

Having a sick little one is never fun!

for a better week!

rita said...

What a week!
Poor Molly, so cute but so sick, and mom and dad so worried.
Reminds me of our little 3 or 4 yr old who was immediately hospitalized with pnewmonia, in Austria, without any goodbyes or preparation for the experiences, just whisked away after the exam! We were distraught, cried all week. And he did not speak German! And back then, they did not allow family visits, except once a week on Sunday. That was 36+ years ago. No permanent emotional scars. We all survived. Whew!

He & Me + 3 said...

This week was great and you are right. Colby's drawing was good. Loved reading the story behind that picture.
hope your girl is feeling all better now and 5d day is awesome. Hope the weekend went well too.

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

5D day is too cute and love that she got flowers too, that is so much fun when you don't feel good

skoots1mom said...

love the get well flower shot...hope she's better!

The Bug said...

Well Molly is just TOO cute - especially with her bangs clipped back. I was drooling, just a little, over the spaghetti and the donut - yum!

McCrakensx4 said...

Poor baby...I hope she is feeling better...not fun to be sick and that was pretty sick...loving the 5D day...awesome! Hope your weekend went well