Saturday, July 2, 2011

threesixfive, days 167 thru 180

another two week post! sorry. this will be the last one like this i think.

allen and i left two weeks ago on sunday to go down to a small town about an hour north of corpus christi where he directs two weeks of youth camps down there. this is his third year to be their camp director. last year i took the kids and went for one week, and had a great time.

this year, allens mom watched the kids the first week so i was down there with allen and was able to do some things around the camp to help allen and the staff. it was really cool to be a part of the team in that capacity and see what goes on behind the scenes. its a lot of work! the second week the kids joined us, so i wasnt near as much help, but we had a fun time swimming and hunting for bugs.

heres some of what i got...

sunday, day 167

we had to take jake to the snake sitters for the two weeks we would be gone. i think he enjoyed the car ride.

monday, day 168

my home away from home for the next two weeks!

tuesday, day 169

the camps not terribly spread out compared to some others ive been to, but we did a lot of running back and forth and it was pretty darn hot, so it was nice to have this to scoot around in.

wednesday, day 170

love to see teenagers worship!

thursday, day 171

thursday night we do something called extended worship. there are stations spread around the cafeteria that give the students different ways to express their worship to the Lord. butcher paper with markers laid out, and play-doh are a couple. its amazing to see what they come up with.

friday, day 172

allen and i rigged up a ghetto sun shade so we could sleep in saturday and sunday morning. duct tape+foil=complete and awesome darkness.

saturday, day 173

over the weekend, allen did a wedding about 30 minutes away from the camp (convenient!). it was one of the prettiest wedding ive been to. this is gaby, the flower girl. instead of throwing petals, she and the ring barer carried this sign. i love this idea!!

sunday, day 174

super cool old truck

monday, day 175

allen and i took a walk around camp and found some of these crazy thorn bushes on some back trails. made me think of the crown of thorns.

tuesday, day 176

one of the camp staffers has this nest in his front yard, on the ground! ive never seen anything like this before. if you got too close while the momma bird was around, she would try to lead you away and flop around on the ground like she was hurt.

wednesday, day 177

colby and molly helping collin out with the tape measurer

thursday, day 178

extended worship again tonight. i thought this was absolutely beautiful. this picture doesnt do it justice. one of the summer staff cut it out at the end of the night, and is going to frame it.

friday, day 179

on the way home friday we stopped at a cute cafe in new braunfels. they had lots of antiques and other cool stuff. i cant resist an elvis statue.

saturday, day 180

another wedding today! the grooms cake was a drumset! again, the picture doesnt do it justice. it was really cool.

we get to slow down a little bit this week. we're home for a couple weeks, then allen heads to new orleans for mission trip on the 17th. we've got a few things going on between now and then (allens birthday is the 14th!) but thankfully they're all in town and low key!

have a great week!


skoots1mom said...

neat pics this week
keep enjoying summer :)

The Bug said...

What a busy two weeks! Love the worship station idea - everyone worships differently & it's cool to honor that.

I can't get over the drum set cake - that is just amazing!


I am with you...I love to see teenagers in true worship mode. LOVED the drum cake. That was AWESOME!

rita said...

Wonderful summer of outdoor and family fun and ministry, and beautiful weddings. All good.
Had to smile about the Elvis bit. Yesterday, the granddaughter wanted a photo by the Las Vegas welcome sign. An Elvis impersonator was there, but NO ONE seemed interested in him. You should've been around, he was having a boring, no-good, very bad day ;)

Sara, Luke, and Brooklyn said...

my wedding made the blog, woohoo!!