Sunday, July 10, 2011

threesixfive, days 181 thru 187

it was soooo nice to have a somewhat normal week, and just be home!

we were still pretty busy, but thats not terribly out of the ordinary for us.

heres the week!

sunday, 181

we're home to the rangers triple a team (the round rock express), and i was asked to sing God Bless America at the ballgame during the 7th inning stretch. it was a lot of fun!

monday, 182
happy 4th of july! we did our usual 4th festivities. it was a great day.

tuesday, 183

the kids and i went to the library, then walked up the street to a tea house to sit and read some of our books, and have a snack. two pictures, because my kids are so darn cute.

wednesday, 184

i had my first golf lesson! my mom bought me a few lessons for my birthday back in may, but we've been gone so much, im just now getting a chance to take them. i think im going to really like it!

thursday, 185

the kids had an impromptu afternoon in the sprinkler.

friday, 186

speaking of sprinklers, i've watering like crazy. we put some sod down a couple months ago and have to water it so it will grow into the other grass. that spot in the picture was just dirt up until may.

saturday, 187

sorry. another yard picture. with all the watering, we're having to mow a lot, too. i've been the one mowing for the past 3 or 4 weeks. allen does the edging and weed-eating while i mow, and the yard gets done in half the time. and i feel super productive. :-)

we get another glorious week home! allens birthday is thursday, and then he leaves next sunday for mission trip. we have a lot going on this week, too, but im not complaining. at least i get to sleep in my own bed every night!

have a blessed week!


The Bug said...

Cute kid pics! Rebekah was talking about mowing & now here you are - I feel EXTRA slack that I don't help with our mowing :)

sara said...

there's just not much better than playing in the sprinklers!!!

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

super cute pictures. and how cool that you got to sing at a baseball game. that is neat. hope the sod takes and you don't have to replace it again

RaD said...

That bird in your last 365 post (sorry but I'm playing catch up) is called a killdeer because of the sound they make.

It's funny, where we watched our 4th of July parade I almost swore I saw your little girl. Same haircut and the poeple kept calling her Molly. But no, after spending time looking for you and your son I determined it was just a coincidence.

Kim said...

I know exactly what you mean, I'm looking forward to a week at home -- in about two weeks :) Until then it's sleeping on lots of other people's beds.
It's been hot enough that running through a sprinkler sounds pretty fun and refreshing :)
Your kids are adorable!

Rebecca Jo said...

Look at you singing - that's awesome!!! ;)

I love when parents take their kids to the library. Such a cool habit to pass down. I also love the pics with your kiddos having tea. Your daughter with her hand on the spoon stirring her tea is too cute!

Ahh - sprinklers... the perfect childhood memory :)

The Cyber Hermit said...

Argh! Am so late with the comments this week!

How cool that you got asked to sing! And yes, the kids are really cute :).