Saturday, July 30, 2011

threesixfive, days 202 thru 208

warning, warning: mouth watering food pictures ahead!!
i dont why i have so many this week; well, three, but thats a lot for me. i usually dont have any.
its been a great week! i'll get right to it!

sunday, day 202
sorry the second picture is sideways. i dont have the brain capacity to wrestle with it right now.
sunday we drove half an hour to south austin for donuts from gordoughs. so worth it!! id heard about them, but never had one. let me just say, that was dinner. go to their website and checkout the menu. you'll see what i mean. ridiculous.
i had the funky monkey (roasted bananas, cream cheese icing, and brown sugar).
allen had the flying pig (maple syrup icing, and bacon. yes, bacon)
molly had the miss shortcake. exactly what it sounds like.
colby had mamas cake, which was basically just a donut with chocolate icing.
if youre ever in austin you MUST go eat one of these. seriously.

monday, day 203

dinner was flank steak with roasted mushrooms and asparagus. these two veggies roasted together in a little olive oil and some salt is my ultimate favorite thing to eat right now. to die for.

tuesday, day 204

loved this outfit, but she wouldnt cooperate for a picture, so this is the best i could do. later, she cut a hole in the shirt with a pair of scissors, so this is the only documentation i have of the adorableness that was molly in her 80s punk look. you cant tell from the picture, but the hightops are glittery pink, and her hot pink and turquiose hair feathers were so appropriate. :-)

wednesday, day 205

colby was getting ready for bed, and this is how he came in to tell me goodnight. he slept in exactly this outfit, and wore the jacket all day the next day. did i mention its been about 109 down here? :-/

thursday, day 206

i dropped my favorite eyeshadow and it busted all over the floor. i swept it into a pile with my hand, and kind of made a mess of myself...but my hand sure looked nice.

friday, day 207

allen took me on a surprise date. we went to a restaraunt in austin we'd never been to before called woodland. oh. my. goodness. it was SO good! i had the stuffed tomato. it was filled with creamy risotto, spinach, and crimini mushrooms. i unfortunately couldnt finish it. we'll definitely eat there again.

after that allen took me to see urinetown:the musical, which i didnt even know was running in austin, so that was fantastic! then we went and got crepes from a food trailor for dessert. a very "austin-y" evening. right up my alley!

saturday, day 208

tonight we're going to dinner with some friends, then coming back to our house to play this new game we picked up at target today. looks pretty fun!!

have a fantastic week!

how many of you will be back to school shopping in the next few days??


Dawn said...

I haven't heard of the Woodlands, either... you'll have to tell me all about it! Your dinner selection is something I would choose as well.

Also haven't heard about your new game. Let us know if you like it. Maybe we can do a date night again soon and give it a try if it's good!

See you in the morning!

Lisa said...

Love surprise dates!!

Kids wear the funniest things....crazy!

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

looks like a fun food filled week. that tomato looked sooo good. might have to figure out how to make something like that myself. I've never heard of that game, hope it's fun

Mimi said...

Wow your food had me drooling! How fun to have a surprise date night. It sounds like a perfect one.

Have a great week,

skoots1mom said...

man, when you say good looking food you weren't kidding...yum!

sara said...

that tomato looks amazing!!!

We LOVE dicecapades!!!

The Bug said...

Wow - all that food looks amazing! I love Molly's outfit - but Colby wins this week. Too cute!

Rebekah said...

Okay, those donuts sound fabulous. So does that tomato, but I have to admit I'm kind of a donut girl.

I've never heard of Dicecapades, but my family loves playing games so we'll definitely have to try it.

I can't imagine wearing that sweatshirt in Texas right now! What a crazy kid.


What a week. Loved all the food pictures...The tomato looked so yummy. I have never heard of the game sounds like fun. We are big gamers ourselves.