Saturday, July 16, 2011

threesixfive, days 188 thru 194

ok, im starting to feel completely lame again at the fact that im only posting my 365 project pictures and nothing else during the week. this happens every year, and i'll hopefully snap out of it eventually. i actually have a couple pretty good stories to share, but i dont want to combine them with my pictures this week. maybe i'll get around to coming back later in the week and posting them...if i still remember them at that point.

we had a great week. allens birthday was thursday, and it happened to coincide with his day off, so we had a great family day together. the kids both moved up a level at swim school, and the kids spent a night away in waco where they went to the circus with their mimi and great aunt, so allen and i got a date night!

here are the pictures:

sunday, day 188

colby picked this up out at camp when we were there a couple weeks ago, and wears it at least 4 days a week. its usually around his neck like a cowboy, but he put it up around his face for the picture.

monday, day 189

we went to the library to see dino george. he was fantastic; very funny and entertaining, and i actually learned some stuff about dinosaurs i didnt know. the kids loved him.

tuesday, day 190

spent the afternoon at the pool.

wednesday, day 191

molly had been resisting bedtime, to say the least. she usually ends up sitting at her door, or just inside where we cant really see here from the couch. this is how i found her before i went to bed wednesday night.

thursday, day 192

happy birthday, allen! a trip to the fro-yo shop was of course on the agenda.

friday, day 193

i've been taking golf lessons (you may have read that last week), so for our date night we went to dinner, then to the driving range where he got to see me hit for the first time. it was a fun thing to do together, especially because i know he really enjoys it, too.

saturday, day 194

i started painting colbys room this weekend. he picked turquoise and yellow. Lord, have mercy.

allen leaves early tomorrow morning for a week in new orleans with 40 youth and sponsors. they'll be serving there all week, and doing some katrina relief projects.

i'm hanging out here with the kids, and have some stuff to keep me busy. i know i'll be ready for him to come home, though!

have a fantastic week!!


The Bug said...

Your kids are so cute - love the dinosaur picture :) Good luck being a single parent this next week. Can't wait to see Colby's room when it's done (when I was a kid I went from a pink bedroom to a room with one yellow wall, one blue wall, and two walls with crazy quilt wallpaper).

Lisa said...

I hear you on the posting....its easy to let P365 take over. Its "enough" and gets the job done, but certainly doesn't leave room for stories and details.

I like that turquoise color...I bet the yellow will really pop.

You go, Golf Girl!


Loved the kid pictures. Can't wait to see the rom when it was finished. I love the color.

Mimi said...

Your kids are so adorable! I'm glad that Allen had a great birthday.

Hugs &love,