Saturday, July 23, 2011

threesixfive, days 195 thru 201

so...i didnt do a midweek post like i said i might, but theres always next week. :-/
we've been super busy! we missed allen while he was in new orleans on mission trip, but we did plenty of things to keep us busy. lots of pictures this week; i couldnt pick just one for each day. if you hang in till the end, you get extra brownie points! :-)

sunday, day 195
i started colbys room saturday, and did pretty much nothing but paint thru monday, with the exception of church. but i got it done! it looks great!!

monday, day 196
the finished product...
my mom painted three canvases of colbys choice (he couldnt decide on one theme, so we settled on this idea); batman and angry birds, and aliens. the alien canvas is all drawings that colby did, and then my mom painted them, except the flying saucer. that ones from a library book. can you believe she did those just by looking at a picture?!? especially the angry birds one. shes awesome.

tuesday, day 197
we spent the day in austin doing "austin-y" things.

molly got feathers, and i actually got more myself. the ones i got back in march are still in, and i had some light blue and lavender ones put a little further back.

then we decided we'd go check out the capital. the kids had a great time walking around, looking at pictures, and seeing all the different rooms. this is the committee room, whatever that is. colby looks good behind that podium.

wednesday, day 198

we met april, tate, and adler at a new splash park about 15 minutes away that i didnt know about!! we will definitely be going back!!

thursday, day 199

the dell diamond (the texas rangers triple a team, where allen is chaplain) hosted a vow renewal ceremony at the stadium before the game. it was sponsored and organized by intimate life ministries, and they asked allen to officiate it. he told them he would if theyd fly him in from new orleans and back out there friday morning, and they agreed! so allen got to 're-marry' 225 couples. my parents and grandparents participated, as did allens mom and step-dad. i couldnt get a picture of allen parents, though, because they were at the end on the back row. i didnt get a good picture of allen either, because i was standing right behind him. but here are a few of my parents and grandparents.

friday, day 200

my mom and i took the kids to san antonio on kind of a whim. i was teaching colby about the alamo earlier in the week, and i figured, 'lets just go see it!' so we did!!

i had a hard time getting both of them to look even halfway decent for a picture. here are a few attempts...

the sun was in colbys eyes, and molly i guess is too good to even look at the camera

molly was just about to pick her nose in this one. too bad i missed it....

colby had just tried to put his arm around her, and she protested.

hes drunk on starbucks vanilla milk. im just sweaty.

finally, a silly one on purpose.

we had dinner at the magic time machine. molly had her picture taken with several of the waitresses, i mean....princesses. this one was her favorite. its rapunzel in case youre wondering.

colby flagged the riddler down and asked him if batman was working. he wasnt, so the riddler had to do for colbys picture.

saturday, day 201

when molly saw the bright new colors in colbys room, she decided she needed a room makeover, too. we're almost done. my mom will paint a few canvases for her room as well, and i'll post pictures when its all put together. the walls were green (with that little strip of pink on top). she wanted a 'rainbow room', and i managed to talk her into that meaning only two more colors besides the pink, which will stay. she picked light blue and a lilac purple.

allen is done traveling for the summer! hooray!!

i look forward to routine and eating dinner together again this week!

hope your week is blessed!


The Bug said...

I LOVE those pictures of the two of them - they're just so stinkin cute & the pictures are a great reflection of their personalities.

The vow renewal ceremony is such a great idea - I love it!

Mimi said...

What a couple of cuties! Sounds like a busy week for both you & Allen.


Rebekah said...

Looks like a fun week of traveling around Texas!

I've never heard of the Time Machine restaurant before, but it looks like a lot of fun for kids! Wish I had gone as a little one.

skoots1mom said...

lots of fun!
sweet ceremony

The Cyber Hermit said...

The room and the pictures are fantastic-looking! I can see why Molly wanted her room done too.

And the picture of you and Colby is adorable:)

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

My Colby would love the color of your Colby's room. His favorite color is yellow. Those canvases are fantastic. looks like you had a fun and busy week


What a great week you seemed to have had. I have always wanted to see the alamo and go to San Antonio. One day I will make it. The rooms looked wonderful and I can't wait to see the other one.

RaD said...

I'll bet you are happy to have your hubby home! The rooms looks great! That Time Machine Restaurant looks like a lot of fun. Your mom is amazing!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Cudo's to you! Redecorating sends me running to the hills! It just makes my head hurt!

Great week!

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

Love all the bright paint colors! We can all use an atmosphere change now and then!!

I've been meaning to take Saylor on an outing to get feathers. Just haven't managed to get around to it yet. So fun.

rita said...

Cute feathery Molly!
What an artist mom!