Sunday, December 23, 2012

threesixfive, week 51

we were gone most of the week. thats why im getting this posted later than usual. 
heres what we were up to....

i sang with the worship team. its something i absolutely love doing, but it does make a long morning for the kiddos who i usually have to drag out of bed, only to sit thru church twice. :-/

shayne and kristin (big brother, little sister) come every year and pray over colby and molly. this is the 6th year they've done it. we are so grateful they continue to be a part of our family.

we left tuesday afternoon for south texas, where allen spoke at the zephyr staff's winter retreat. camp zephyr is where we take our youth group for camp each summer. they updated some of the rooms out at the conference center, so we got to stay in one of them. the kids loved the bunk beds.

each year the the winter retreat, theres a themed christmas party and white elephant gift exchange. this years theme was high school stereotypes. allen went as the obnoxious football coach, and i went as the "mom" crossing guard. check out those mom jeans, baby.

there are 2 boxes of hats in the kitchen that the staff wear when they serve meals at the youth and childrens camps in the summer. they kept colby and molly very well entertained while we were there this week.

friday morning we got up and drove to houston to do christmas with allens mom and stepdad.

we all went to the houston zoo for their holiday lights trail. it was a lot of fun. we took a break to decorate gingerbread cookies.

merry christmas eve eve!!!! hope you have a blessed week celebrating our Savior's birth with your family and friends!!


sara said...

you are rockin' those jeans for sure!! :)

Love having people in our lives that build into our children....priceless!!

So, are you willing to host P365 next year? I'd like to be able to tell everyone next week. If so, I can email you how to build a link..very easy!!!

rita said...

Fun Christmas activities:
your music,
special friends,
holiday lights,
and more to come!

Be blessed this Christmas!

The Bug said...

Love those mom jeans :) And Colby & Mollie look cute in those hats...


Fun moments here. Everyone looked like they were having a wonderful time. Happy New Year.