Sunday, December 16, 2012

threesixfive, week 50

merry week before christmas!! 9 days to go!
its been a very full but very fun week....

our youth worker christmas party was tonight, and i took several pictures, but then realized that my memory card was not in my camera, so those are stuck inside my camera somewhere and i cant get them off. BUT i did wrap a bunch of presents sunday night, so i took a picture of that. :-) i love seeing presents under my tree!

pastor perk; christmas goodies from church members!!

we went to dinner tonight with some of the other childrens ministry leadership. the cookies they brought out at the end reminded us of something else......

ace was naughty again this week, and broke one of my santas, i guess maybe while he was trying to clean up his marshmallow mess. fortunately it was my least favorite. ;-)

when the kids went to bed they each found a ticket for the christmas express on their pillow. it allowed them a seat, a bag of kettle corn, and a cup of hot chocolate. right before we left shayne and kaysie showed up because they had gotten tickets too!! imagine that!
it was really just us driving around looking at christmas lights, but it was a great way to do it! we had a blast and i imagine that will become somewhat of a tradition.

we went to an assisted living community and sang carols for them with a group from our homeschool co-op. there were about 30 of us total, all ages.

we went as a family to the winter celebration at sea world. it was perfect weather (about 70 degrees and a little breezy) for it. here, molly and colby are in the candy cane forest. there were 8 foot tall candy canes and all the trees were wrapped to match. you can see behind them a little bit better how neat it looked, especially as it started to get dark.

tonight we go caroling with a group from our church, and then tuesday we head down to zephyr (the camp where we take our students each summer) where allen will speak at the winter retreat for their staff. from there we'll go to houston to do christmas with his family, then we get back next sunday to do laundry, pack back up and head to dallas christmas afternoon. lots of traveling in our immediate future.

just 9 days of shopping left!! are you done???

be blessed!


sara said...

I love that idea to go look at Christmas lights!! I always loved doing that with my kids!!


Loved all the Christmas shots. This is my favorite time of P365 year. I love seeing children singing!

The Bug said...

The Christmas Express idea is so cool! Mike & I spend a lot of time driving around looking at lights this time of year :)