Sunday, December 2, 2012

threesixfive, week 48

not a whole lot to preface this week, so i'll get to the pictures.

this is our hwy252 ministry's (kinder thru 4th grades) large group time. i just knew if i didnt take a picture at church, i probably wouldnt get one that day. :-) sundays are pretty mellow for me and the kids, or we're at a bunch of meetings. 

i had to go to goodwill to get a costume for a christmas party we have in a couple weeks. the kids said, "mommy take our picture!" this is what they were doing....

molly lost her first tooth! she lost her second tooth 2 days later, so now theres quite a substantial hole in her face.

allen calls this the crime scene. we're not sure what happened, but im guessing it didnt end well for the bird.

we went to the shane & shane/phil wickham Christmas concert. it was beyond good.

it was a beautiul day, so the kids and i stopped at a park for about an hour while we were out running some errands.

allen was asked to speak at an FCA baseball clinic saturday. it was from 10-1 with not much of a lunch break, so we took sonic to him and stayed for his last breakout session. 60 young men gave their lives to Christ later that afternoon at the closing session! God is awesome!

thats our week! 
not too much happening over the next week either. i'm running a 5K this evening, and we have a few christmas parties over the next several days. maybe i should plan to run another 5K or two.......

be blessed!!


sara said...

yikes! that does look like a crime scene!!!

I with you on Sundays, if I don't get a pic at church, it usually doesn't happen!

The Bug said...

Snaggle-tooth Molly is terribly cute! Can't believe you guys are still wearing shorts down there! Of course, it's 57 degrees up here right now...

Kim said...

You say not much is going on, and then in the same breath mention you're running a 5K! hahaha I'd say that's enough for the week :)

Gotta love the toothless look -- kids are just so darn cute at that stage!

Some Sonic sounds mighty good. That's one of my favorite fast food places. We're actually getting a McDonald's in our town! Mostly McDonald's can only be found in big cities here in Argentina. Not sure if this means we're getting to be a big city, or if it just means that we qualify because we're a tourist town. In summer the population swells from around 80,000 to a quarter million. While I'm not a big fan of their burgers, I do love me some McDonald's fries :) And I'm really hoping they offer frappes. We don't have a single place in town that does; we have to go to Cordoba to get one.

Have a good week!


Molly is precious. Poor little bird. I love your week of shots.