Sunday, December 9, 2012

threesixfive, week 49

i apologize for all of my pictures being terribly underwhelming. i spent most of my week at my computer doing my christmas shopping, and the last few days on the couch fighting a stomach virus. yuck. back to almost normal now, and we hit the ground running tonight with our youth worker christmas party, and are non stop with stuff till christmas. glad i got that virus out of the way, although i did miss a couple of things yesterday we were supposed to go to.

i ran a 5K through our city's trail of lights. 34 minutes and change! 

i have to start going to the bank again. :-/ there was a branch at the grocery store, so i could just kill two birds with one stone when i went to do my grocery shopping. but i went monday to deposit a check and they've moved to another location. ugh.

colby has spent most of his free time this week in his room creating this lego "maze" i think he calls it. sorry the picture is at a weird angle.

our (very mischievous) elf is back. this morning we found him in a pile of sugar on our kitchen table.

another weird angle. sorry.
this year a lot of our gifts to family are coming from the IJM and world vision catalogues. we're making donations in their name to these companies to provide villages and families around the world with things like warm blankets, mosquito nets, and fruit trees.

this year we started a tradition of observing advent, something i had to read up on because i had no clue! its been really fun. we read a devotional each day and the kids make an ornament that has to do with what we read. the ornaments go on a special tree set aside for just that. its called a jesse tree. heres molly making our ornament for friday.

the kids gave us a dance show right as allen was trying to watch the heisman trophy announcement  right before bedtime.

have a great week!!! only 3 more weeks left in 2012!


Lisa said...

I love how clueless kids are....but then sometimes they are accutely aware. Love the advent idea...I think its a great tradition!

sara said...

I love that last comment on the last picture!! that so would have happened at my house too!! I seemed to also give birth every time during some major athletic event! ha!

Thank you for saying you would take over P365. I will send you an email on how I do it. It really is VERY simple!!!

Kim said...

Glad you're feeling better. Being sick any time is no fun, but especially around the holidays when there's so much going on!

I enjoyed your photos -- not underwhelming at all, and congrats on the 5K!

Have a wonderful week!

The Bug said...

Great job on the 5K!

I had a stomach thing last weekend - but I'm pretty sure it was food poisoning. ugh.

I am just as clueless as your (terribly cute) children - Mike is always having to ask me to wait until AFTER he finishes watching whatever is on TV. I never pay attention. Ha!


The Elf one was my favorite. I am so sorry you have been sick. It has been going around here too.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

My granddaughter is enjoying an elf on a shelf, they did not have those when my kids were little.

We have a big advent festival for all the little ones each year out our church. We did it every year when both mine were little. I miss all the fun activities we did. My Favorite things was making the advent wreath. It was fun to light the candles each Sunday just like they do in church each Sunday leading up to to Christmas!

Enjoy Advent, there are lost of fun books and activities you can do, especially for little ones!