Thursday, January 5, 2012

country rocks

as many of you know, my grandpa passed away last friday morning.
we were in east texas the first half of the week for his funeral. my family out there lives on more acres than they can count, and most of it is beautiful undeveloped pasture and woods. there are cows and horses and ponds; its a kids dream.
molly and colby were playing out in a field right after the graveside (grandpa is buried there on the land in a family cemetary), and molly came up to allen and said
molly: daddy look at this cool rock!! it has swirls in it!
allen: molly, thats dried up poop.

she immediately dropped it and now that i think of it, i didnt hear that story until much later and im not sure she washed her hands for quite sometime after that incident. ew.


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That really did make me laugh out loud. I love Molly & Colby stories :)