Saturday, January 28, 2012

threesixfive, week 4

january has flown by! can you believe it?
we had a good week. the kids got to go to all their classes and events, and school was even finished each day!
bacon (our pet pig you can read about in the previous post if you missed it last week) was picked up monday and taken back to where he came from to be sold to someone else. and yes we got our money back. he wasnt a bad pet; just not the right pet for us. this may sound bizarre, but i'm good with snakes and frogs. i imagine theres a lizard in our future, but not for awhile.

we were given a dutch oven a couple weeks ago and i've used it a few times. its fabulous, and makes delicious stews and roasts. the best part for me? its red!

we went to dunkin donuts for "dessert" after dinner. this is what the kids wore.

we got the call tuesday afternoon that our friends had their third baby. after thinking about it for a couple days settled on the name mason. they'll call him ace. we went to the hospital that night to visit. so cute!!

on the way home from mollys dance class i saw something sticking up out of the back of the truck in front of me. i kept laughing because it reminded me so much of the robot from short circut (one of my favorite movies when i was a kid--1986 to be exact). the first picture is one i pulled from the internet so you could see the comparison if youve never seen the movie. the second is the picture i took.


we had some friends over for dinner, and towards the end of the evening we got to talking about food. they had never been to gordoughs (a gourmet donut food trailer in austin), so we got one of the college students from church to come over so we could take them for dessert. i might add it was almost 11pm by the time we got down there. we felt like a group of college students ourselves. it was as delicious as ever.


it was crazy hat day at co-op (just explaining colbys attire). the young explorers class did a lesson about taste and tastebuds. colby tasted coffee grounds, lemon juice, sugar, pretzels, and ate pink mashed potatoes and green eggs. it was a fun morning.


remember all those strips of cut up tshirts i posted a picture of a couple weeks ago? heres that project finally taking shape. can you guess what its going to be?

we have disciple now next weekend, so we'll be gearing up for that this week. the kids will be going to mimis house on friday, and i'll be helping with a group of our girls at a home somewhere in the city! i'll find out at the meeting tomorrow where allens putting me.
have a great week!!


sara said...

will it be a rug?

love the outfits of your kids...I love even more that it is no big deal to you how they dress!!!

looks like a great week!

Kim said...

It's a rug! I think :) I've seen them on Pinterest. Love the colors you're using!

Fun week. Salivating over the ice cream :) Your kids are too cute!

Have a wonderful week!

semperfi said...

I loved Short Circuit too. I agree it does resemble the robot. I'm guessing a rug, since I use to make latch hook rugs when I was kids, looks like the same bottom piece.

skoots1mom said...

short circuit is one of my hub's favorite movies of all did look like him!

a rug, I think
tennessee vols maybe?

oh, that ice cream! yyuumm!

McCrakensx4 said...

loving the kids outfits...i have learned to pick my battles and if that is the worst of it...let it be! i think they look great! those donuts look DELISH...i heart donuts...REALLY heart donuts so they make me want to come there

Elizabeth (Lizzie) said...

Are you making a rug with the t-shirt strips? Looking forward to seeing the finished product.


It is a latch hook or tied rag rug. love it....Love the red dutch oven. My kitchen is filled with red too. Loved the outfits.

The Bug said...

LOVE the kids outfits - they're so stinkin cute :)

I liked Short Circuit too - but it came out when I was a senior in college so you've made me feel officially old LOL.

I can't wait to see your hooked project when it's done! I remember latch hooking a rug when I was in high school - I really enjoyed the process a lot.

rita said...

Good times and projects.

Anonymous said...
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Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

If it weren't for the others' comments, I'd have no clue what project you're working on. I guess I've never been very good at seeing the big picture. ;)

Funny at the Short Circuit robot! LOL

And. That is EXACTLY what my kids look like MOST days, before OR after dinner. They dress themselves when we're at home, and it's quite hysterical the ensembles they come up with!