Saturday, January 21, 2012

threesixfive, week 3

another week of sickness misxed in with a little adventure.
molly woke up in the middle of the night monday with an ear infection and what turned out to be some kind of throat infection (???). so now, on saturday night, colbys got one dose of antibiotic left, and molly is about half way thru her rounds of two different antibiotics. crazy. i'm hoping we'll finally be done with all this after next week.
also...we got a pig. with colbys allergies, i started looking into teacup pigs, and mini pot bellies, etc, but theyre very very expensive. we found out a friends uncle had one they were wanting to sell because their daughter, who they bought it for in october for her birthday, wasnt interested in it anymore. bacon came to live with us (yes thats his name) friday afternoon, but the excitement was short lived. colby and molly loved him for about an hour, but then realized that, although hes super cool (i mean, its a pig, right?!?), hes not exactly soft and cuddly and playful. the kids spent all saturday morning in their rooms with their doors shut because they didnt want the pig coming in, and then later in the day colby said. "hes not that great. i cant hold him and love on him like i could roxy." roxy was the puppy we had to give back after having her for only a day because colby and i both reacted to her. that made sense, but its still a bummer. the good thing is im not having to get rid of it and break my kids' heart, theyre completely willing to give him back. when the guy we bought him from brought him over yesterday, i had asked him if we could take him on a "trial basis" in case it wasnt a good fit, and he said yes. so thats a good thing too. the lesson ive learned thru all this, between the puppy and the dog, is that we're probably just not pet people. not big pets anyway. snakes and frogs i can do. and maybe lizards. but anything not requiring a small cage should probably be off limits to the frans clan.
here are the pictures for the week.

we went to chuck-e-cheese for adlers birthday.


we went to a church strategy conference in houston on tuesday, so we drove up monday night so my mother in law could keep the kids at her house while we were gone for the day. colby didnt finish his school monday, and had to bring it with him to mimis house. i took a picture of him finishing up his work, and he did not appreciate it.


this is the stage at the conference. so cool! i want this in my house!!


we stayed home wednesday and rested from the long day tuesday and molly not feeling well. colby dressed up and performed for my entertainment.


colby and mo acting silly in the car while we were waiting for swim school to start.


meet bacon. our temporary new addition.


bedtime for bacon.

have a great week everyone!!!



Love Bacon and the name is priceless. Loved the conference stage too....that was really cool.

LuAnn said...

Oh my .. Bacon is so cute tell us this story.

The conference stage was great too.

sara said...

I'm sorry Bacon didn't work out. We new some friends that had a pot bellied pig and their family loved him. But Colby's right..not too cuddly.

Hope everyone is well this week!!

Kim said...

Not every one is cut out to have pets, that's for sure. But maybe your kids would enjoy a hamster, or really cool and colorful fish?

Hopefully everyone will be on the mend soon. Winters are tough; we seem to keep passing the germs round and round and round...

Have a wonderful week!

semperfi said...

I love BACON, my boys would have loved the name & the pig.

The Bug said...

I'm sorry Bacon didn't work out - maybe you guys can look at the Puppy of the Day pics each day (link is on my sidebar) & just drool over the cyber dogs - that's what I do :)

skoots1mom said...

i've heard pigs are one of the smartest pets you can have in your home.

love creative construction...stage shot is great!