Saturday, January 7, 2012

threesixfive, week 1

i can believe its a new year! 2011 flew by so quickly, of course that seems to be happening each year the older i get, or the older my kids get as it may be.
i'm sticking with project 365 again this year. even though the pictures get redundant or boring sometimes, i'm always glad i have something to look back on and remind me of what we did week in and week out. it also keeps me on here more consistently than i would be otherwise.

you get a few extra pictures this week. we got together with the barners and lamberts for NYE like we do every year. i believe this is the 8th year in a row. its so good to have friends like that.
we also drove to mt pleasant for grandpas funeral (he died in a hospital in tyler on friday the 30th. i blogged about it a few entries ago if youre interested in details). its unfortunate to need such circumstances to get together with family, but it was so good to see everyone, even friends of my parents and grandparents that i hadnt seen in probably 20 years!

here we go...

sunday, jan 1st
lambets, us, and barners at woodland in downtown austin. delicious!!! if youre ever in the austin area, i highly recommend it!

monday, jan 2nd

we drove 6 hours to mt pleasant. the viewing was monday night.

tuesday, jan 3rd

me and my dad at grandma and grandpas house, after the funeral

this is my uncle (hes in the back towards the left) and his eight kids, who i pretty much never get to see (they live in louisiana). grandma is with them on the front row, left side.

uncle scott, grandma, and dad

wednesday, jan 4th

colby and molly hanging out in grandpas chair

thursday, jan 5th

i started practicing with my new sewing maching. all i have is strips left over from the wreaths i made for christmas, so ive been sewing them together. im getting the hang of it....i think. :-/

friday, jan 6th

molly missed a friends birthday party over the new years weekend, so she brought molly a party hat to co-op today. so sweet.

saturday, jan 7th

a lazy day at home complete with brownie twists from the easy bake oven. all they did was make me want real brownies.

im SSOOOO ready to be back in a routine after the last few weeks we've had. the kids didnt do school at all this week, and i havent been to the gym since before christmas thanks to a stubborn case of bronchitis that im just now getting over. seriously, monday cant get here fast enough!

blessings to you all this first weekend of 2012!


LuAnn said...

Nice family pictures!!

Isn't it too bad that a funeral has to bring us together.

I like the kids in Grnadpa's chair too.

sara said...

I ALWAYS wanted an easy bake oven when I was a kid, but I never got sad.

I am ready for a routine again too!!!

rita said...

Such a sweet picture of you and your dad.
I went back and read about your grandpa. You have a wonderful family, and will sorely miss the patriarch! May the God of all comfort wrap His arms around you every time.
I miss exercise too.

semperfi said...

great pics. Love the sewing strips.

Elizabeth (Lizzie) said...

Cool looking easy bake oven!!


I loved the Easy Bake oven. It was so modern looking compared to how they used to look. I hate that it was a funeral that brought your family together....the family shots were great. My routine started this week. We went back to school on the 2nd. I needed another week.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Saying goodbye to a loved one is very sad, spending time with family and friends well it kind of balances out things a bit!

Who doesn't love an easy back oven, I actually have a cookbook that gives you recipes for your EBO n=mad with regular ingredients so you don't have to constantly be buying those expensive box mixes...the DD and I had tons of fun with the old easy bake!


Dawn said...

Enjoyed your pictures, as always!

I'm looking forward to routine... and getting back into our weekly get togethers - I've really, really missed you! Lots to tell and I'm sure lots to hear from you.

See you Wednesday?

The Bug said...

I always wanted an easy bake oven too darn it :)

I hear ya on the routine - I'm looking forward to "normal" for a while now.

I'm glad you're continuing P365 - I like hearing about your adventures :)

Kim said...

Looking back I can only remember one time my mom's family got together for something other than a funeral. Sad, but so typical these days with people spread out so far. Glad you could be there with your folks and grandma.

I remember my Easy Bake oven and that looks like a whole other breed of oven :) Mine was aqua I think... tells you how old I am. hahaha I did have a lot of fun with it though. These days I hear there are websites with recipes specifically for the Easy Bake oven! Better than having to buy those expensive itty bitty cake mixes.

Have a wonderful week!

beckyjomama said...

So sorry about your grandpa - what a sweet family time though.

And that was a MUCH cooler looking easy bake than I ever had! Love it!!