Saturday, March 3, 2012

threesixfive, week 9

another great week with some crazy texas weather!
my friend katie moved in with us tuesday. she'll be here for about a month probably until she's able to move back in with her parents (they're in the process of moving out and finding a new home). we also have a houseguest this weekend; a junior at baylor who we've gotten to know over the past couple of years thru the camp allen directs in the summer, as well as her being a disciple now leader for us for two years now. needless to say we've had a housefull this weekend!

we're launching a new curriculum and strategy for our k-4th graders in april. this is the training we did for the teachers (now called shepherds). i was the 'MC' for the trial run this evening.


allen got this for me for christmas, and i finally started it! so far so good, although all the swedish names are confusing me.


we're showing a video sunday morning (allens preaching) of cardboard testimonies with members of our church. colby and our pastors son, josh, held signs that said "son of a pastor" on one side and "child of the KING" on the other, while the 'pastor dads' stood beside them. it was funny, because josh is very tall, so it was difficult to get both he and colby in the same shot with the height difference. its an amazing video. i'll post it later this week if i can get my hands on it.

the evening sky was beautiful!


allen got the new "headboard" up today! its actually 4 garden trellesis (sp?) i found at hobby lobby, and he mounted them to the wall. the DREAM will probably come down, but i dont know yet what i'm going to put in its place.

with a house full of people, we had to do some rearranging at bedtime. katies occupying the guest bedroom while shes here, so our weekend guest, anna, stayed in mollys room, which means colby and molly got to do a sleepover. they were so cute sleeping next to each other, i couldnt resist a picture.

we went to lunch with the lamberts and to the park for a few hours to enjoy the absolutely beautiful day! aunt april was passing out the rice krispie treat (the size of a small town) after lunch.

we had weather in the almost 90's this week, and weather in the low 40's, so i'm just as confused today as i was this time last week. but i figure if thats my biggest problem, i'm doing ok. :-)

have a blessed week!!



Love the headboard idea....did you get that on pinterest? I loved the DREAM with the headboard. Your pictures were great this week.

skoots1mom said...

fun shots...
that sky is amazing!
enjoy your week

LuAnn said...

I love the headboard - great idea.

How kind ot let your friend stay with you too.

semperfi said...

I love your new headboard, what a cute idea. I also like the DREAM about the bed & headboard, goes great with it. The sky pictures was beautiful.

The Bug said...

That headboard is really cool! We've never had a headboard - never got any "official" bedroom furniture. I think maybe we could do something similar to this for our room. Hmmm.

rita said...

Cute decorating.
Love the Child of the King comparison.
Have great fun with your full house.