Saturday, March 24, 2012

threesixfive, week 12

it was kind of a weird, off-week. the kids and i got back from east texas late tuesday afternoon, and wednesday, although i had intentions of getting right back into our routine, ended up being a lazy pajama day, except when we had to get dressedto take molly to dance.
the rest of the week just passed without us getting much of anything done. so next week we'll start fresh on monday. its weeks like this I'm so glad we homeschool.

my precious grandma with colby and molly

colby and molly were playing game where they were asked a question and if they got it right they got to take a step up. the first one up to the porch won. they played that with my mom several times. but seriously, check out the view from my grandmas back porch. beautiful!

we said goodbye to grandma and general lee, her sweet dog that keeps her company.

molly got her recital costume in dance class today, so of course we had to try it on when we got home!

we went to see/hear price hill, some friends of ours and the band that we are fortunate enough to have lead worship for our youth group every wednesday (when they're not on the road). aaron, the bass player, whipped out a banjo for one of their songs. how can you not love a banjo?

bluebonnet pictures. :-) the wildflowers are stunning this year, but unfortunately my kids, at least on friday, were not. they were super into running around in the field of flowers, but not at all into having their picture taken.
aren't the flowers beautiful??

this was really the only good one of them i came away with.

we went to a birthday party this morning for one of mollys best buds, ramona. happy birthday sweet girl!!

we'll have a guest all week as we host the speaker for spiritual emphasis week at the academy. he's one of allens best friends, so it'll be great having him here.
other than that it should be a pretty standard week.
be blessed!!


Kim said...

The bluebonnets are beautiful! And so are your kiddos :) Sometimes they just gotta run, run, run! hahaha

We had weeks like that too, when we homeschooled. Sorta made up for not having snow days :)

Have a wonderful week!


Love the pictures with grandma....those shots always make me smile. The bluebonnets of Texas I love so much. I always look forward to seeing my cousin in I get to see them. Love the tutu...her ballet costume is precious. Glad you had a great week.

LuAnn said...

love the picture of the kids in the bluebonnets.
So nice you could spend time with your grandma too.

The Bug said...

Love that sassy Molly in her costume - she is just too cute. And that last pic of the two of them - precious. Someday I'd like to see a field of bluebonnets...

rita said...

Learn something every day--I looked up bluebonnets online to see them close up. Then I went to native plants of Indiana. A friend was teaching me some of the names and why they're called that. He is trying to have only native flowers in his woodsy yard. Says the others are like 'plastic' flowers, no nutrition/food for the wildlife.