Saturday, March 10, 2012

threesixfive, week 10

nothing major to mention this week. i'll get right to the pictures.

i started this book months ago, and never fininshed it. i picked it back up today. its very very good. i highly recommend it if you have kids at home.


a new park opened over the weekend. its a play for all abilities park. they have swings for wheelchairs, a section for music and sand therapy, areas that are designed for children with autism, etc. theres also a "town" with streets and traffic lights where you can ride your bike or scooter and learn how a city operates. each building in the town has educational aspects when you go inside. its amazing. we didnt get to stay for long, so i took the kids home with the promise to bring them back in a couple days.


we got to hang out with our friends the brownings. i got by tail kicked in yahtzee.

we went and spent some time at the new park. this is a seat that spins with your body weight. if you get your momentum going it gets pretty fast. it flung colby and molly both off. i was able to get a picture of colby mid fall, and another right after he landed. i tried it too; it wasnt pretty.


i didnt actually take a picture today, but this is a cute one from the park yesterday. :-)

i peeked in one of mollys classes at co-op and took a couple pictures. they were learning about instruments.


its been wanting to rain all week, and we had kind of a drizzly day yesterday. the sky finally opened last night and it poured. i was thrilled to see puddles in my yard this morning.

have a blessed week!!


The Bug said...

Wow that park is really cool! Love the pics of the kids there.

I love yahtzee - but it's been years since I've played :(


Love the park pictures. What an awesome looking place. Love the kids shots there too. I love Yahtzee. The last time Frank and I played we played by candlelight because we had lost our power. Talk about romantic.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Great park! It is so nice to have access to fun places for the kids to play. The recently installed a playground in our subdivision and I have taken the grand-baby p a few times, Very fun and really close!!!

Great week!


rita said...

Great concept for a park.
Adorable kid pics!

Kim said...

Sounds like a fun park! We stopped at a place in Florida years ago that has miniature buildings laid out in a town, and our daughter stopped again last year and said they'd remodeled the McDonalds! hahaha I thought that was too funny.

Have a great week!