Thursday, March 22, 2012

threesixfive, week 11

hello all! sorry I'm getting this posted so late. :-/
we were in east texas visiting my grandma when thi
s would've posted, and i thought i could get it
done yesterday, but having been gone for a we
ek, there was quite a bit to catch up on, so this fell to the bottom of the list.
here are the pictures from last week.

our birds are back! i'm sure there will be baby birdies soon enough. and all the poop that comes with them.

i had a hankering for soft serve, so we drove thru mcdonalds monday afternoon.

i started this book late sunday night and finished it today! can't wait to read the rest of them and see the movie!!!

alleys brother and his wife and daughter came from ca
nada for a visit, so we went to houston for a couple
days to see them. mimi took us to build-a-bear (a first for my kiddos) to celebrate the occasion; we only see them about every other year.

colby, molly, and their cousin riley got up early thursd
ay morning and helped mimi set up a beautiful breakfast for us out on the back patio. it was a great morning to sit outside and eat and visit with the family before we had to head back home.

my mom and i along with the kids headed to east texas (mt pleasant) to spend 4 days with my grandma. its the first time id been back since grandpa died in december.

a lot of my dads side of the family is out there where grandma lives and they all have mass quantities of land with cows and horses, creeks and ponds, 4-wheelers, tractors, etc. its a complete 180 from the city life we're used to. saturday we took it easy and explored. molly and colby (and grammie) had fun throwing rocks in the creek.

i'll probably post about our trip to grandmas in its entirety. there are too many pictures to pick just one from each day.
have a great week!! well, whats left of it.


LuAnn said...

looks like great family time!

The Bug said...

Sounds like a fun week :)