Tuesday, March 27, 2012

over the river and thru the woods.....

to grandmas house we go!!we got back a week ago from a 5 day trip to my grandmas house in mt. pleasant, tx.my mom, myself, and colby and molly loaded up friday morning and leisurely made our way up there. my grandmas sister-in-law (widowed) lives there as well as a niece, nephew, and several of theirkids...and their kids' kids; not to mention numerous cousins. you get the idea.
my grandmas brother started inventing ranch equipment in his garage in about, oh i don't know, the early 60's, and over the years, its grown into this huge global company that his oldest son bill
my point in sharing all that is to say that so much of my extended family lives out there, and they all have ranches and land and animals. its very different from what I'm used to here in the austin suburbs. its country, and its beautiful, and i love visiting.
it was my first time back since grandpas funeral in january, and grandma welcomed a houseful for
the time we were there. we explored the ranch (she lives on bill's land in a house he built for her and grandpa when they moved there from dallas 6 years ago), played in the creek, drove the tractor, and got dirty, among other things.
colby and molly loved the experience. its one I'mhoping they'll get to build on as they get older.
here are some pictures from our stay.

uncle irv (one of grandmas brothers) drove the...tractor?? (insert joke about me being a city girl) over saturday afternoon, and let the kids drive it around in the field in front of grandmas house. they loved it.

we spent an afternoon at daingerfield state park (a beautiful place to spend a weekend camping!!). we rented a peddle boat and went hiking...and i use that term very loosely.

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