Friday, August 3, 2012

mom and dads new house

prepare yourself for a lot of pictures of my parents' new house. my parents are professional movers in that they do it every 3 or 4 years. they've been married for almost 33 years, and this is the.......(this is me doing math)......13 house they've lived in. i could be off by one or two, but i remember at least that many. they're really good at packing and unpacking again, and making the house look like they've lived in it for several months even thought its actually only been, like, 2 weeks (they've actually been there 6 weeks, now, i think). mom had all the rooms repainted within 24 hours, before the moving truck got their with their stuff they had to bring up from austin. by the end of the second week, dad had pulled the dog pee carpet out of three of the rooms, and laid new flooring down, as well as ripped up all the surplus foliage and little lawn statues that were filling the already teeny tiny backyard.
also, my mom loves antiques, but not the old heavy antique furniture kind of antiques; antique knick knacks and the whole shabby chic look. their former homes (the last one especially) looked like all the really cutesy booths in the antique mall got together and threw up in my moms house, and i mean that in a very complimentary way. i've said that on here before, i believe. its not quite so much in this house, but i think thats because this house is much bigger than the last one they were in, so she has the same stuff, just more spread out.
anyway, i say all that just to explain what it is you're looking at, i guess, for those of you who either don't know my mom (props to you for still being here reading my ramblings) or know her but have never been to their
i'll do my best to give you a tour via the photos. it might just be a hot mess.

this is the front of the house. obviously. something i love about "dallas" (and i use quotes because a)they're not actually in dallas, and b) because i don't know if everywhere in "dallas" is like this; all the parts i've seen are) is that everyones driveways are in the back of the house, accessed by an alley. it makes the front yards all run together, and the neighborhood looks so much nicer.

this room is immediately to the left when you walk in the front door. its technically a formal dining, but theres nothing formal about my parents. they're turning it into a saloon. :-) that back wall is bead board my dad put up, framed out, and painted. this room got new flooring as well.

this room is immediately to the right when you walk in, except that i took it from the other side of the room, standing in a doorway that leads into the hall. this is the playroom/game room/emergency guest bedroom (emergency because they have two others, so this would be like the last option guest bedroom).on the wall parallel to me that you cant see, mom hung a bunch of antique (ah, theres that word) sports magazines. super cool. i should've taken a picture....

the master bedroom from the doorway. thats the bathroom on the left.

master bedroom standing in the doorway of the bathroom

master bathroom; the "curtain" over the window is actually a collection of antique handkerchiefs.

one of the guest bedrooms. shes not done with this one yet. i think shes waiting to get some of my grandpas old model airplanes for the shelves.

the other guest bedroom, or the peacock room as she calls it. this view is from the door....

and this is from the door as well, but the other wall.

this view is looking down the (extremely wide) hallway from the peacock room.

the kitchen. love it. i have serious kitchen envy.

sorry this one is so dark. kitchen on the left. breakfast area straight ahead, living room to the right.

theres the living room. that little extra room you see in the back behind the fireplace is called a 'garden room'...i guess cause you can see the garden in theory. mom set it up as an office.

living room again. garden office to the left. :-)

this is the view from the breakfast area. you can see the hallway that dead ends into the peacock room, then turns right and takes you back to the other guest bedroom and the master.

and there you have it, the parentals new abode.
hopefully it wasnt thoroughly confusing.

see you in a few days for 365!!

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