Sunday, September 9, 2012

threesixfive, week 36

i literally just realized its sunday and i should post my pictures! this week totally got away from me!
normally i'd be at church right now, but i awoke to an extremely unhappy stomach at 1:30am, and it kept my up until about 4:30am. still feel crummy, but i'm hoping its a 24 hour bug, or something i ate, so it will pass quickly.
we got up early early last sunday and drove to my parents to surprise them at their 11:00 service. they knew we were coming for the labor day holiday, but werent expecting us until late afternoon. we totally  got them, and allen got to see their new church home for the first time!

mom and dad got a hot tub since their new yard is way to small for the above ground pool set up they had here. the kids loved it, but we had to keep reminding them "its not a pool! settle down!"

we had a pretty relaxing day, and didnt do a whole lot. we dropped by a park before grabbing some lunch, and that was pretty much the extent of it. it was a really good visit, and my sweet grandma was there from mt pleasant for the weekend so we got to see her, too!

my first pumpkin spice frap of the season!! its starting to feel like fall, y'all!

this is a book by our new favorite author, chris van dusen. his books are great (they rhyme, a la dr seuss), but we actually check them out for he pictures. hes an amazing artist!! if you have little kids, or grandbabies, check him out! we get his stuff from the library.

this is something im trying to keep on hand for lunches during the week, because it so easy and so good!! ground pork, a can of diced tomatoes, a few tsp of chili powder and a dash of garlic salt. done. serve it over some lettuce with 'taco salad' type fixins (i just use black olives, more tomatoes, and a teeny bit of cheese).

look how sweaty i am!! i just ran 4 miles!! and when i say run, i mean run/walk/run/walk.

we spent the day at the lake with a family from church (they have a camper they park out there for the summer), and wore ourselves out!
i dont know if any of you remember us getting a hypo-allergenic schnauzer puppy last year, and colby and i reacting to her and we had to get rid of her after only having her for a whopping 2 days, if that....
this is the family that she went to, and this is her!! we were going to name her roxy, but now shes zoe, which was a close second choice for us. anyway, so this is zoe!! shes gotten so big, and shes so sweet. the kids had fun playing with her off and on all day.

i hope you had a great week!! colby and molly have their first soccer practices this week; should be interesting! 
be blessed!


The Bug said...

Cute kiddo pics. Glad you got to spend some time with your folks. That Zoe is adorable :)

RaD said...

Have fun at soccer! My son liked it when he was little but it was still a bit overwhelming to him. My daughter never even wanted to try because of all the running.

sara said...

I have always wanted a hot tub! but Jason has Eczema and that is really bad for it...maybe now with empty nest? :)

Now I need a pumpkin spice latte!!!

rita said...

Hot tub family fun!
So fun to see 'your' puppy again.