Saturday, September 1, 2012

threesixfive, week 35

another week of triple-digit heat. even though it was crazy hot this week, after i spoke just a couple weeks ago about it not being "that bad", i managed to partake in some, um, what do they call it? oh, yes, running. like, outside. seriously. i did a 5k in april, but running is not something i particularly enjoy. however, i would like to do a half marathon at some point in my life, so i suppose thats what im working towards. lindsey (the girl who's living with us) is training for a half with obstacles in october, so ive been getting out with her and running in the evenings, although usually im watching her run about 100 yards in front of me because i walk/run/walk/run. i'll get there eventually.

this is our new logo for the childrens ministry. a lady at our church embroidered shirts for allen and the childrens associate. they're pretty cool.

i made this yummy summer beverage from a recipe lindsey saw on pinterest. i blended 3 cups of watermelon, a cup of coconut water, a squirt of lime, and some sprigs of fresh mint. it was delicious.

we went to trailer tuesday!! every last tuesday of the month 10 food trailers/trucks (different ones each month) congregate on the lawn of an auditorium in downtown austin. it was so much fun, and we went with some friends who arent germaphobes, so we all got different stuff and took bites of each others. :-)

ever since i started letting the kids stay up and read for a little bit before bedtime, this is what colbys floor has looked like. books everywhere!

lindsey plays the guitar and sings beautifully, so thursday allen asked her to play and sing for us. we sat around the living room and sang different worship songs for about half an hour. then she let the kids play her guitar. its been such a blessing to have her staying with us.

i happened upon this ridiculously awesome neighborhood playscape a few weeks ago when i went to pick up something off of craigslist. i took the kids friday afternoon. they didnt last long since it was about 100 degrees outside, but we will definitely go back when it gets cooler.

i had to go get a new arm band for my iPod since ive been running like a crazy lady! i used to have one, but it sweated apart (thats really the best way to describe what happened to it) from me wearing it at the gym. ive been doing classes more than anything else for the last year or so, so i havent needed one. until now. i logged about 10 miles this week!!

tomorrow we're (all four of us!!!) going to see my parents for the holiday. allen hasnt been yet, so im excited for him to get to see dads new church, and the house and all that. my sweet grandma will be there, too, so we get a bonus visit with her!!
have a fun and safe labor day!!!


The Bug said...

Good for you getting out there & running! I've never liked moving at more than a nice meander myself...

Hope you're having a good day with your folks.

semperfi said...

love the books on the floor, my room would have looked like that too. Great playground, wish I had that as a kid, I would never go home :-)

LuAnn said...

the books crack me up and love the wall color in his room.

Adoption is such a special thing.
Our daughter was adopted too.
Don't hear anything about her though. Long story, basically at 19 she left our home and lives in WA. Married a creep and really has no time for us. Lots of prayers and someday hope her eyes open up.
She knows we love her and the door is always open for her. She is now 23.