Sunday, September 16, 2012

threesixfive, week 37

we've had a mostly rainy, and much cooler week. its not near sweater weather, but its almost long sleeve shirt weather. of course, i think temperatures are supposed to creep back up again this week after the rain passes. sigh. fall will have to wait a bit i suppose.
lindsey left us this week, on friday. it was sad to see her go. she was such a blessing to have around and will be very missed!!

lindsey was playing her guitar, and i told the kids to leave her alone. i glanced down the hall and saw that colby had situated himself right outside her room where he wouldnt be a bother, but could still hear her playing and singing.

i made this sausage frittata for dinner. i wondered about it being enough, so i roasted some mushrooms and asparagus as well. so. good. the frittata was fabulous. definitely a keeper.

my parents came in town tuesday evening, so we could all go to lunch for my pawpaws 87th birthday on wednesday. i had called her that morning and asked her to bring all my beanie babies with her for the kids to play with (it had come up somehow last week, and they asked if i could get them). i went through them after the kids had gone to bed (and looked up the value of them!!) i had forgotten how many i had. some of them are actually worth some bucks!

we went over to memaw and pawpaws house to visit and go to lunch together. pawpaw has dementia and isnt able to do a lot of things anymore. he was a very successful architect until he retired in the 90's, and while we were over there he wanted to show us some of the plans for some buildings he'd worked on a while back.

colby (accidentally) broke our microwave last week, so our friend brandon came over to help allen fix it. success!!!! and without even having to spend any money to do it!

ok, so this is actually from thursday. sorry.
lindsey wanted to babysit for us one last time before she moved out. well, we certainly weren't going to say no to that! we tried a fairly new restaurant in north austin called zed's. it was delicious!! this is our appetizer; bang bang shrimp.

this is an empty container. until a few moments before i took this picture, i held 2 pounds of strawberries. then molly got her hands on it, and ate them. all. in one sitting.

like i said earlier, we've had a very soggy last few days. colby had his first soccer practice on tuesday (allen took him, so i didnt get pictures of that), and molly should have had hers friday, but it was rained out. i think its supposed to clear up tomorrow or tuesday, though, which will probaby make for a muggy, humid week. :-/ as long as our first soccer games dont get rained out out this weekend, we're good!! :-)

be blessed!


sara said...

When my kids were little my mom gave them each a beanie baby. I thought they were too little for them so just put them up on the shelf (tags and all). A few years later, the BB rage started and I realized I had originals...I sold 3 beanie babies for $1200!!! no joke! That year we had a very first family vacation!!

I'd love your recipe for the fritata...looks great!

Kim said...

My kids had beanie babies. Wonder what ever happened to them? Hmmmm....

Strawberries sound so good! We've had some in the store already but not that good yet; should be getting some better ones soon.

Love the photo of Colby getting as close as possible to the music :)

Bang bang shrimp? Sounds and looks fabulous!

The Bug said...

Your food pics look fabulous. I'm just glad I brought asparagus for lunch or I would be VERY sad - ha!

Love that Molly ate all the strawberries. If I did that I think my tongue would be on fire (I'm slightly allergic, but I LOVE them, so I try to keep them in moderation).


Loved Colby's shot outside the door. Precious. Strawberries are really good here right now...very sweet. Loved that Monday dinner...and the Bang Bang shrimp....yummmo.

rita said...

Great pic of you and the beanies!
Reminds me of one we have of the granddaughter 'buried' in them!
Sweet, pawpaw showing one of his plans.
Have a great rest of the week!

RaD said...

Oh my! The kid must LOVE strawberries!