Sunday, September 23, 2012

threesixfive, week 38

another busy week, but whats new, right?
i'll let the pictures lay it out for me....

we got together with the barners and the lamberts to just hang out and visit; something we hardly ever get to do. we're trying to be more intentional about getting the families together all at the same time, and not just the husbands, or wives, or kids for playdates or whatever.

this is my new curtain fabric! i've decided to give the living room just a teeny facelift. its been pretty much the same since we moved in 6 & 1/2 years ago.

colby decided to sleep in his underwear and a pair of penguin socks. gotta love him.

i decided late tuesday night to drive to houston wednesday morning and surprise my mother-in-law, but i wanted to stop in brenham and tour the blue bell factory on the way (something we've been wanting to do for years). i called my father-in-law and asked if he could meet us there (its only about a 45 minute drive from their house) without making a big deal about it to mom. she was super surprised and we had fun seeing how ice cream was made, and of course eating some at the end of the tour. :-)

my mother in law came back home with us thursday, so allen and i went out for dinner in austin to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary (it was yesterday, the 22nd).

one of the things to do in austin is see the bats come out from under the congress street bridge at dusk. we have a "bat bridge" in round rock, so we've seen our own version of it, but our bridge has about 600 bats, and the congress bridge supposedly houses over 1 million. they didnt come out until it was too dark to get a picture, but heres allen waiting patiently for them.

this morning we found ourselves with an abandoned newborn rabbit in our backyard. we didnt want to mess with it in case it wasnt abandoned, but when we got home from co-op and it was in the exact same spot, cold and not moving much, i decided to take action. just call me the bunny rescuer!! i found a bunny rehabilitator (what?!?!) thru the austin area parks and wildlife website, and took the bunny to his house friday afternoon. i havent heard anything, and probably wont, but at least i did what i could.

it was national hunting day and there was an exhibit at a park near our house offering fishing, shooting, and some other activities, so we took the kids and spent a couple hours there. colby and molly both shot a gun for the first time. a BB gun, maybe? i guess i shouldve asked. colby did great, though! i asked him if he'd like to go hunting sometime seeing as he might be able to actually kill something and bring the meat home, and he said, "nah, i'd rather just get our meat from the grocery store."

the kids were supposed to have their first soccer games yesterday (thats why my mother in law came back with us), but they got cancelled because all the rain last week kind of threw everything off, as well as some of the teams not having their uniforms yet. so this weekend we'll go to their first soccer games. i'm excited. they havent played since they were, like 3 or 4, and that hardly counts, right?
my mom is coming for a couple days this week, and allen will be gone some so i'm hoping to use my late nights (i dont sleep well when he's gone) to paint the living room! i'll share pictures if i get it done! 

be blessed!


sara said...

I don't sleep well when my husband is gone either!!

So I am assuming that Austin does NOT have a mosquito problem with all those bats!!!!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Great week!

Loved the fabric choice and touring the ice cream factory sounded like to much fun!

We had bunnies in our yard a few years ago, they were not abandoned, mamma chose to build her nest in my flower garden and it was a HUGE chore to keep the dog and the bunnies apart! She came back again, so we had a second litter of babies. Thankfully she moved on to greener pastures!

Great week!

rita said...

Happy anniversary!
Great fun surprise for MIL!
A bat rush? What a sight!

The Bug said...

Happy anniversary! Whatever that is on the plate looks fabulous - yum.

Glad you could help the bunny. We don't get rabbits in our yard, although I've seen them next door. Too many dogs in the neighborhood.

Love your fabric - do we get to see an "after" picture?

RaD said...

Bat bridge sounds fun!

My son isn't too into killing things to eat them either. He's rather they were already dead and ready to go into the pan.