Wednesday, June 19, 2013

everyday essential oils

as i promised, heres a list of some of the more common EO's and a handful of things they can be used for. this is only a sampling. i could type all day about just peppermint oil....maybe i will, but another time. :-)

if you're wondering what you missed, check here and get a brief overview of essential oils (EO's) and why i'm on this fascinating adventure of health and wellness for my family and friends.

theres a kit that Young Living puts together called Everyday Oils. this box contains 9 of Young Living's most popular oils. some are single oils, and some are blends. below, i've listed the single oils contained in this kit and some of the uses for them. the lists are not all-inclusive. as i said above, its only a sampling. i dont want to bore or overwhelm you; just give you an idea of whats out there.

oils can be diffused, applied topically, inhaled, and in most cases (i only recommend with Young Living oils) ingested,  but i also say "when in doubt, on the feet", because we absorb things into our bodies very effectively through the soles of our feet.

i apologize for any typo's. i'm flying thru this thing!!

Frankincense (yes, as in what the wisemen gave to baby Jesus)

this oil is considered holy in the middle east, where it has been used for thousands of years.

diffuse into the air for congestion, voice loss, to calm asthma symptoms, or reduce mental strain.

add to a natural lotion or cream to help with general skin tone, provide circulatory support, to help wounds heal, or reduce the appearance of scars.

a drop on the tongue or a few drops taken in a capsule is effective in fighting strep, high blood pressure, tonsillitis, and staph infections, among other things

this is the number one oil recommended for improving vision, treating arthritis, warts, wrinkles, and prostate problems

has been used medicinally in france for asthma, depression, and ulcers


GREAT for removing household stains, cleaning countertops, and refreshing laundry.

diffuse in your home to protect it from airborne bacteria, or put a drop or two in your water to keep your liver clean (only use essential oils in glass containers; never plastic!!).

historically, lemon was used to fight food poisoning, typhoid, scurvy, and malaria. also to lower blood pressure, and help with liver problems, arthritis, and muscular aches and pains.

has been used medicinally in france for anemia, asthma, fever (reduces), heartburn, intestinal parasites, rheumatism, ureter infections, 

some other common uses include anxiety, constipation, kidney stones, postpartum depression, varicose veins, and water purification

this is the number one oil recommended for anemia, sluggish digestion in children, antidepressant, oily skin, removing stains, 


has SO MANY uses. it is one of the highly regarded herbs for supporting digestion, relieving headaches, and has been shown to improve concentration and mental acuity.

i have a list of 50 things to do with peppermint oil. i may do that as a single post in the near future, but heres what you get for now....

peppermint has been used medicinally in france for asthma, flu, heartburn, indigestion, menstrual irregularity, migraines, motion sickness, itchy skin

other common uses include but are not limited to, skin and airborne allergies, halitosis, carpal tunnel, cold sores, fatigue, morning sickness, ringworm, 

this is the number one recommended oil for treating symptoms of crohn's disease, indigestion, IBS,  hot flashes, headaches, overcoming inferiority, motion sickness, itching skin, treating shock, 


this one may get its own post, too. regarding health and wellness i've heard, "when in doubt, use lavender," because there are so many things its effective for. its been said to work wherever theres a need.

its highly regarded as a skin and beauty tonic, and is helpful for facial blemishes (put it on your pimples!). its also helpful for soothing and cleansing common cuts, bruises, and skin irritations.

just a handful of the common primary uses: acne, ADD/ADHD, skin and airborne allergies (works great with peppermint for this purpose), blisters, burns, insect repellant, dandruff, diaper rash, high blood pressure, nausea, stress, sedative, stretch marks, sunburn, teething pain....

used medicinally in france for pretty much all of the above as well as indigestion, premenstrual and menopausal conditions, and water retention.

this is the number one recommended oil for ADD, rosacea, hayfever, calming animals and treating parasites in animals, treating blisters, tachycardia, diaper rash, reducing fever in children, teething, improving concentration (lemon is also excellent for this), insomnia in children, irritability, mastitis, relaxation, restless legs, 

once again, this isnt everything, but ive typed way more than i intended to when i started this post.

Young Living makes a lot of blends as well, and theyre an excellent option for conditions in which several oils have been highly effective. Young Living puts all those oils into one bottle, so you can reap the benefits of all of them! i'll share some of those with you soon!!

you can of course check the Young Living website by clicking on the "oil" picture under my information to the right. 

i'll be placing an order tomorrow evening, so if theres anything you'd like me to get for you, please let me know.

have a great week!!!!!


Sara LeTourneau said...

Lots of great information there Amy- thank you for taking the time to pass on what you are learning.

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