Saturday, June 15, 2013

threesixfive, week 24

we were at a camp all week near huntsville, where allen was pastor to a group of about 250 students. we had a great time, and were even able to see some friends and family while we were there. we didnt have internet access at all, so i apologize for not getting to visit your blogs this past week.

this is the wig i'm wearing as part of my costume for a thing we're doing at VBS. i had a couple of wig options, and molly wanted to try one, too.

we got to camp and colby of course wanted to start exploring immediately. we found these really cool mushrooms under some bushes. he's so good at spotting things.

one of the rec teams invited colby to play ultimate frisbee with them. see him out there with all those middle school girls?

we drove into huntsville at met our friend lauren. she was part of the staff at camp zephyr for a few summers, and one of the people we really connected with over the years. shes in huntsville at SHSU going to school.

we drove back into huntsville and met up with allens mom and stepdad. they live about an hour away from where we were. allen took us to see the statue of general sam houston; the second largest statue in the country (the first being the statue of liberty), standing at 77 feet.

after we saw the statue and took some pictures, papa bought ice cream for the kids.

we came home friday and molly went to a little dance clinic at the church that some of the girls in the youth group hosted to raise money for the youth mission trip.

the kids wanted to give allen his fathers day present a day early (a pair of shoes hes been wanting) so he  can wear them to church tomorrow. they made cards for him as well.

stay tuned for a post on essential oils. The Bug suggested i do a post each week on what i'm learning, so i think i will! i have to decide what to share, though. i will tell you this.....i got hot pink nail polish out of my carpet with lemon oil last week. awesome!!!

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The Bug said...

Love the wig - it's so you :)

Sounds like a great week. Boy that statue of Sam Houston is huge! Guess that makes sense since it's in Texas...

Looking forward to the essential oil post!