Saturday, June 22, 2013

threesixfive, week 25

LOTS of pictures!! we've been "VBSing" all week at our church, and i was one of the two photographers on site, so thats pretty much all you're gonna see!! :-)

our theme was "Turn It Up!" with kind of a rock n' roll theme. sunday night's kick-off was a talent show called Central's Got Talent complete with eccentric judges. i was Presleigh Paige, a character i imagined up. she was a no-name singer from England, and a bit bored with the whole thing. i had a lot of fun being her for a few hours on sunday night, and again for the wrap-up on friday.

heres molly and her friend, falon, from the neighborhood.

thats molly in the middle, of course, and falon is on the right. the little girl on mollys left is her friend avery, who we met thru the gym where i work out. we also brought her with us each night. they're wearing trash bags to keep from getting wet in the game they played at REC.

they played a game called "Drip, Drip, Splash." its like "Duck, Duck, Goose'" but with water.

the older kids apparently chose not to wear trash bags. thats colby dumping the water.

on tuesday night we got individual pictures of all the kids for them to take home with them on friday night as a momento from the week. this is izaiah, and one of my favorite pictures from the individuals. hes such a cutie.

one of the rotations the kids did was faith skills. 4 of our pastors each taught a faith skills class. this is our senior pastor and one of the kindergarten groups.

our 6th graders get a special treat for VBS before promoting to youth group in the fall. they get to go to a home of one of the families in our church each night (the same family has hosted each year for....more years than i can count!). they swim for about an hour, then they have a home cooked meal, followed by teaching from allen. its something each group looks forward to.

here are colby and mollys pictures from this year. they'll stay on the fridge until next year's replaces them.

we took the kids to meet my inlaws today, where they'll spend next week while we're at youth camp. molly caught me trying to take a picture of her resting. she is wiped out after a week of late bedtimes due to VBS each night.

thats our week!!
i hope you had a great one! please link up below if you have pictures to share.
if youre keeping up with my essential oil posts, i did an introduction post, as well as some useful information about a few of my favorite single oils. check those out if youre interested!

be blessed!


sara said...

looks like a very fun week!!!

The Bug said...

What a great week! Love the individual shots. I think there should have been a video of Ms. Paige - ha!

rita said...

Fun, fun week, Presleigh!
Love Isaiah's pic!
Great idea for 6th graders promotion VBS.
Pray you are having a fruitful week at youth camp!