Saturday, June 29, 2013

threesixfive, week 26

i'm feeling my age this week. :-/ we got back from youth camp yesterday afternoon and i just havent recovered yet. i've been dragging all day. ugh. curse you, birthdays!!
here are some of the pics i took at youth camp this week. 

allen and i went down a day ahead of the group because he was asked to do the staff devotion sunday night. he did a ministry time for them where he had different stations set up around the room that they could interact with. one of them was this "take what you need." he had 3 each of 24 different words, and by the time the night was over the staff of about 40 had taken pretty much all of them.

our senior class was pretty small this year, and with work and other things going on, only two of them were able to come to camp. awesome kids.

late night event was a concert by KB and Andy Mineo, two christian rap artists. this group wasnt terribly excited about going, but once they got there they had a good time.

allen (the camp director this week) had a student pray over the service each night before we started. this is one of our students, a freshman in high school. he's such a godly kid, and is called to be a pastor.

the last night of camp, allen has the pastor, the worship band, and a couple representatives from the camp staff come to our church time and allow us to pray over them. this is one of my favorite times to watch our students participate in.

i came home to find a delivery of essential oils i ordered before we left. yay! these are for congestion, allergies, digestive problems, and the rosemary is for my dads blood sugar levels related to diabetes.

we got the kids back from my inlaws on saturday. i was so ready to see them!!! we got out and washed the cars after lunch; a good family activity on a hot day!

i'll get another essential oils post up this week when i'm done with laundry and getting my house put back together! :-)
we have a week of nothing and i'm so happy about it. i look forward to the mundaneness. is that a word? it is now.

link up below if you have pictures!!
be blessed!


rita said...

Great camp week!
One grandson got back from senior high camp yesterday. Today i take his brother (8) to his first camp experience.
Have a good week enjoying 'mundanness'!

The Bug said...

Looks like a great week! I'm glad the campers had a good time. Hopefully by now you're recuperated!

I totally forgot to come link up - we're going out of town tomorrow & it's been a CRAZY few days!

Kim said...

Had to smile at your comment about dragging after youth camp :) I can't even THINK about something like that these days. haha

Looks like a good time was had by all. Enjoying the posts about essential oils too.