Saturday, June 1, 2013

threesixfive, week 22

i posted twice this week besides the weekly 365 post!!! what?!?!? one of them is just a video, so im not sure if that counts, but its still worth watching. 
we've got company pulling up any minute, so i'll get right to the pictures.

after a hot sweaty day at the park on saturday with my parents, colby was convinced that a hair cut would be in his best interest for summer. he cried a little but, bless his heart, but he got over it, and actually told me yesterday that he likes short hair better now.

happy memorial day!! we ended up throwing together a last minute lunch with our friends the barners, and our neighbors the stroups. allens mom and stepdad drove in from houston that morning to bring us their grill they were getting rid of (we've been grill-less for about 2 years, so we were super excited!!), so they stayed and ate with us, too. it was a really fun afternoon full of screaming kids...the good kind.

we went to the mennings house for dinner. they have triplets, 2 boys and a girl, that are colbys age, and when the three boys are together, they get mistaken for each other, especially from behind, because they have the same color of hair. their mom has tried to corral colby at church on more than one occasion, thinking he was one of hers.

i think all the delicious junk we ate over the last couple of days got to molly, because she woke up wednesday morning by throwing up. she wasnt running any fever, and she wasnt really complaining about feeling bad, but we stayed home all day just to be safe. she helped me with school stuff to take us into the summer.

this was part of our Texas Nature Challenge adventure on thursday morning. you can read more about it in my previous post.

we drove down to camp zephyr friday afternoon so we could be there for their summer dedication banquet. allen was asked to speak at it. the kids went to bed late, but still had a little reading time.

a little play time at the zephyr pool saturday morning before heading home. Price Hill (our youth worship band) led worship friday night, so they hung out with us, and molly got to play with her friend ramona.

and now, as i said, we're awaiting out of town company who will be staying with us tonight. its actually the director of camp zephyr and his family. they needed to get away for a couple of days before summer officially starts monday, so they're heading here. double date night and a sitter for all the kids. should be a lot of fun! :-)
hope youre having a great week, and enjoying some beautiful weather. we're soaking it up before it gets too hot!!!

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The Bug said...

I was noticing how much the three boys looked alike even before I read your description of the picture!