Saturday, August 2, 2008

but: the conjunction

i'm putting colby to bed night before last and he wants to hold my hand while he falls asleep.
very sweet, yes, but i had just put a topcoat on my nails and they were still a little tacky.
i didn't say anything, i figured i could just touch up later if i needed to. but he noticed that, fingers spread don't touch anything stiffness of my hand....

colby: "are your nails still wet, mommy?"
me: "yes, love. a little bit. just be careful."
colby: "but not your toenails?"
me: "no. my toenails are dry. i didn't paint them."
colby: "not the bottom but(t)."
me: "what?"
colby: "i said but, but it wasn't the bottom."
me: "i know. you said but the conjunction."
colby: "cunjkin?"
me: "conjunction. if you say but and it's not the bottom, it's a conjunction, and thats ok. like if i say 'i love chocolate milk, but i love you more,' thats a conjunction."
colby: "but if i say the bottom but(t), then i get in trouble."
me: "usually, yes."
colby: "and two things can happen if you get in trouble."
me: "what two things?"
colby: "time out, or you get swallowed by a whale. that's what happened to Jonah. he got swallowed by a whale because he didn't follow directions."

well, that about sums it up. out of the mouths of babes.

i've attached some recent pictures for your viewing pleasure.
i'll post our sea world trip sometime this week. haven't downloaded those yet.

baking brownies. they got to lick the beaters.

molly was beyond excited about the whole experience...

all decked out for our 80's-themed party.
yes, shelly is fully aware that you can see thru her sweater.
it's intentional (tsk tsk). ;-)

why can't i dress like this all the time???


KALDesign said...

"why can't I dress this way all the time?"
BECAUSE we might have to call you Madonna. LOL

Colby is sooooo smart. And he has GREAT parents. I love "conversations with Colby"

christi28 said...

oh amy....

those pictures...

what can i say....

love you girl!!

The Day's said...

I LOVE 80's themed parties! So fun! And I agree, I love conversations with Colby, too! What a cutie...and so smart! :)