Tuesday, August 26, 2008


it's just been one of those days.
one of those weeks actually....and its only tuesday.

i went to the american idol concert with haley sunday night. we left right after church to drive to houston, making a stop in brenham to antique (yes, it can be a verb) and have some ice cream. you can't stop in "the home of blue bell ice cream" without having a scoop...or two. :)
when we got to houston we parked about 2 or 3 blocks from the toyota center in an area with a lot of restaraunts. we figured we could eat and then walk to the concert. we had about an hour and a half before go time. too bad all the restaraunts, yes all of them, were closed. apparently that end of town is "pretty quiet" on sundays. i guess they didnt get the memo that we were going to be there!! actually there was an italian place open "in honor of the concert", but they were backed up and wouldnt have had the food out in time for us to eat and get out.
so haley and i headed over to the venue and split a $9 chicken finger basket. not exactly what we had in mind, but i guess you make due with what you're given.
the concert was, eh. good music. bad format. not worth blogging about.

i got a text from allen at midnight on our way home that his uncle james had passed away. we were expecting this, as he has been sick for awhile (cancer), but that doesnt make it any better.
allen was in waco all day yesterday to help with arrangements (he's 'the man in charge'), and went back this afternoon for the viewing. the funeral is at 2pm tomorrow. waco and back 3 days in a row! yikes.

i had a meeting this morning that i had already bailed on because i've been hosting a summer bible study on tuesday mornings at my house. i ended up cancelling on them too, because i had sooo much to do today that i didnt get done yesterday. the kids basically spent 2 days in the car running errands with me, and not fun errands either. the ones you hate doing, where you load the kids up, then unload them to stand in line at the post office, then load back up to go stand in line at the bank, then load back up to go....you get the picture. they were troopers. actually molly was a pill, but colby did pretty good. molly likes the word "no", even if she doesnt mean it. i'll ask her to hold something and she'll tell me "no", but then hold it anyway. and she's very independent and stubborn. it made for quite an afternoon.

to top it off, tomorrow is colbys first day of preschool. ahhh!! i'm actually doing ok with it.
he'll be at the academy at our church, in the same room he's been in for sunday school the past year, and i know his teacher. i honestly don't think it could be any better. i am bummed that i won't get to pick him up from his first day, though; we'll be at the funeral in waco. my mom is taking care of us as usual though, so grammie will be a nice surprise for him when he's done.
i've been going through my mental checklist of all the things i need to have to send him off tomorrow morning, and listening to the vince gill song that i've had about 24 hours to learn before i sing it at the funeral tomorrow.

i'm sure i'll have some colby "preschool stories" later this week.
keep us in your prayers.


Elizabeth_Lockwood said...

Im sorry to hear about Alan's uncle. I will definitely be praying for you guys this week. Let us know if we can do anything. You can always stop by UMHB for a potty break if you need to. Hope the rest of your week is less stressful.

Love, Liz

KALDesign said...

I left you an "I love your blog" award on my blog. Go pick it up and continue the chain.

I will be praying for you.

The Day's said...

Oh Amy - I am so sorry to hear about Allen's uncle. I hope he was a believer. I will be lifting you up today. Love you girl!


P.S. And I love your journaling idea - I'm totally doing it! Your mom always did the most creative things!

christi28 said...

i'll be praying for you guys.

can't wait to hear how colby's first day went!

love you!