Wednesday, August 27, 2008

david and goliath...colbys version

colby did fantastic at his first day of "school".
allen took him so i could finish getting myself ready; allen will take him pretty much every day (well, the days he goes) since he has to be at work 30 minutes later only 2 floors up.
my mom had to pick him up since we were in waco for the funeral. she said he had a great day and he stayed on green (the happy face on the chart). i called my friend shelly to see if she had any insight to the day. she works up there at the school and was actually in/near colbys room this morning assisting with traffic flow. she said she didn't see him much during the day, but that his teacher came up to the library where shelly was working and said "i'm taking colby home with me." so i take that as a good sign. :)
when we got home i asked colby what he learned at school and he told me that he learned about goliath, but he couldnt tell me the story because its too scary.
i tried again at bedtime...

me: "colby, tell me about goliath."
colby: "its too scary mommy."
me: "was he a giant?"
colby: "yes!! he was mean."
me: "what happened to him?"
colby: silence.....
me: "was there someone named david?"
colby: "yes!! david killed goliath because he was mean."
me: "did he hit him with something?"
colby: "with a bat."
me: "a bat?" (i didnt know they played baseball in biblical times)
colby: "yeah, david hit him with a bat and then cut his legs off." (hmm, not quite...)
me: "his legs?"
colby: "yeah, and his face. then he threw them in the water." (this was followed by a lot of big hand motions and loud sound effects)

i proceeded to "clear up" the story, turning the bat into a slingshot and a rock. i also gave goliath back his legs and face, and instead took his entire head from the neck up.
colby agreed that this was, in fact, the version that he heard. glad thats taken care of. i'll be interested to see what he does with the fire-y furnace....

oh, and to top off my last few days, i got a speeding ticket on the way to the funeral this morning, with allen in the car, so that made it that much worse. not that allen reacted badly at all, but i just hate disappointing my husband!! so now i have to take defensive driving, which i'm sure will be loads of fun., man, i should have told the officer i was "speeding for Jesus!!"


Lauren said...

Sorry to hear about your speeding ticket. I feel your pain. What a waste of a hundred bucks or so. Just don't get another one a couple months from now, otherwise your husband may not let you hang out with me any more since I started the speeding ticket trend. :)

christi28 said...

i am so glad colbys first day went well. i loved having him in sunday school this year and will sure miss him!

love ya!

The Day's said...

I loved hearing about Colby's first day of school. Such an active imagination your son has! Sorry about your ticket - I hate having to spend money on traffic tickets!

Tex said...

Actually, I like Colby's version better. It would be way more exciting...but I suppose that the Biblical truth part is important. No wonder he thought the story was scary. Death and dismemberment. And people say the Bible is boring sometimes.

We really should put together a Muppet-ColbyT version of the Bible. (Of course, Cobly's part ought not to be a picture Bible at this point)

But it's fun to hear their versions!