Wednesday, August 13, 2008

vacation part 2

we got back from the rest of our vacation this afternoon, and i've been trying to catch up. the downside of vacation is the stuff you have to do when you get home--sorting through mail, laundry, email, etc. i have to get my head screwed back on and get myself back into the daily grind.
i'm leaving in the morning to meet mimi and papa in giddings to pick up molly. we originally planned to drive through houston on our way home today and get her. we didn't realize houston was completely not on the way home and an extra 5 & 1/2 hours out of the way. wow! thanks to mimi and papa for being flexible and willing to bring molly back to us!

the second half of our vacation was i think better than the first half. a good way to wrap it all up. we got a phone call on the way down to corpus that we had a hotel room waiting for us at the omni bayfront and tickets to the corpus christi hooks game that night! wow!! we are so blessed and thankful for that!! we had a great time and all colby kept saying about the hotel was, "this is so great!" we were on the 17th floor with an ocean view and the softest bed i have ever slept in! tuesday morning we went to the texas state aquarium. it was amazing and i'm sooo glad we went there after the dallas aquarium. we saw the dolphin show and the bird show (at which i was an audience volunteer) and hit the beach for a few minutes afterwards, just so we can say we went. that afternoon we went to the backyardigans live tour. allen and i thought it was a little cheesy. colby loved it, but honestly nickelodeon, you can do better than that!

we met friends for dinner and then back to the hotel where i fell asleep the same time colby did (about 9pm). i guess i was tired.

now i'm trying to get my brain to not need something sweet after dinner, or at least before i go to bed. i have been conditioned in the last 6 days to need dessert. i stopped on the way to church tonight to get a vanilla cone from mcdonalds. i must be stopped.

i'll post pictures in the next...well honestly i dont know when i'll get them on here, but i will.

no significant conversations with colby in the last few days. although this evening at dinner he told me the difference between people and penguins is that penguins have feathers. in case you were wondering....

pics from our trip to seaworld a couple weeks ago....
feeding the lorikeets. the coolest thing we did that day by far. if you ever go to sea world you have to do this!!!


christi28 said...

i am so glad y'all had a good time and i know how you feel, sometimes you need a "vacation" to rest from "the vacation". can't wait to see the pictures!

The Day's said...

So glad to hear that you had fun. And I have no idea what a lorikeet is but I want to feed one. It looks cool!