Saturday, August 16, 2008

deep thoughts with colby

we went to a wedding tonight of 2 former youth groupies. it was an outdoor wedding and the weather was great (before it started raining...i think. i left before that happened). we took a chance and decided to take the kids. i hate paying a babysitter for something we have to go to. not that we had to go to the wedding, but, well you know what i mean...hopefully. :)
anyway, the kids did pretty good i guess, considering they're just shy of 2 and 4. the ace in the hole was my parents (grammie and papaw) were there. dad was in the back running sound so molly hung out most of the time with him. colby lingered around the koi pond and i spent the evening praying he wouldn't fall in headfirst. or anythingfirst for that matter.
allen left right after the wedding for another "thing" he had planned to go to and i was going to stick around for another half hour, just long enough to hug the happy couple and get a piece of cake. not long after he left, i got a phone call from him, "it's pouring in round rock and it's headed your way." then i started to feel the occasional be it ever so small raindrop. that was my cue to leave. i did not want to be caught in a storm (in a white dress) with 2 small children. amen?

when i was putting colby to bed i said something about seeing grammie and pawpaw, and he quickly corrected me,
colby: "no, not pawpaw. papaw." (not that you can tell how they're pronounced by reading this, but they are different. pawpaw is my grandfather.)
me: "oh, i'm sorry."
colby: "pawpaw is the one with the stretched out neck, remember?"
me: "you're right."
colby: "papaw has a neck like mine. did you see two of us with the same neck there?"
me: "yes, i saw that you have the same neck as papaw."
colby: "yeah i do. that's great. you know what i'm thankful for?"
me: "what?"
colby: "i'm thankful for all the mean sharks and all the nice sharks." (i'm not sure how he got here from the neck thing, but whatever.)
me: "well, thats good. the mean ones are important too."
colby: "i'm thankful for all the important things."
me: "thats pretty much everything."
colby: "it is??"
me: "everything is important in its own way."
colby: "even bad things?"
me: "well, not directly, but sometimes indirectly bad things are important too." (it's too late for this kind of discussion!)
colby: "what?"
me: "the bible says that God works all things together for good for those that love Him, so even though something may be bad, God can use it for good. that would be indirectly."
colby: "like mean sharks?"
me: "exactly."

here are some pics from our vacation....


KALDesign said...

And what a wonderful way to end my day.... another conversation with Colby.
Goodnight, dear ones.

Audrey and Company said...

love the pictures. looks like colby did have a fabulous time on his vacation.

Shelly C said...

if that boy doesn't end up to be an awesome pastor of some kind I'll be super surprised! I love Converstaions with Colby... you need to make a book some day.

Elizabeth_Lockwood said...

I like how Colby distinguished between "stretched out neck" and "neck like mine"...SO CUTE!!!

christi28 said...

i just love to read your blog to see what colby has said lately!

The Day's said...

I LOVE conversations with Colby. They make me laugh outloud and then look so forward to conversations with my own little boy on the way! I like how Colby says that Pawpaw has a stretched out neck and Papaw has a neck like his. I'm sure your dad loved that!

When I was in Dallas last weekend, we were really close to the Dallas World Aquarium (not to be confused with the Dallas Aquarium:) and I totally thought of you!