Friday, August 1, 2008

speeding for Jesus

last saturday (yes it's taken me that long to get on here and blog about it) we had a one-day ladies retreat about love. it was actually a Retreat in a Box hosted by Beth Moore. i was one of the two ladies putting the event together and answering questions as the event approached. i had one lady ask "is beth moore actually coming to speak?!" and i said, "not for $15 a person she's not!" it was a fair question. the fliers posted around the church said Loving Well with Beth Moore...or something to that affect. so i guess i can see how someone might hopefully think that she might, for less than $1000 come here from Houston and speak on love....
i digress.

i was on my way home from an awesome day. the Lord really spoke to my heart about how to love others, not judging them, forgiveness, etc. and i was just in a really great place mentally, spiritually and emotionally at the days end.
so i'm on my way home and i'm in my car with the music off (how did i let that happen???) just thinking back over the day and what all i learned and heard and how great it was when i realize i'm doing about 55mph in a 35! have you ever been so completely focused on something other than driving when in fact thats exactly where your focus should be? i mean, the driving portion of my brain might as well not have even been in the car with me at that moment.
i do have somewhat of a heavy foot (you have a 5 to 10mph cushion, right dad?), but this particular road is one you absolutely do not want to speed on; especially in the spot where i realized i was truckin along a tad to briskly.
so i hit the breaks to take it down to a comfortable if not downright cautious 38ish.
then i start thinking, what if i had been pulled over? the police officer always asks "ma'am, where are you going in such a hurry?" or something like that. what would i say? "sorry officer. i was talking to God and driving 20 miles over the speed limit (which is actually only 10 miles over because you have that cushion i mentioned earlier). i'm not really in any hurry. i'm just not paying attention to what i'm doing." or i could just cut right to the chase and say, "sir, i was speeding for Jesus."
this is the thought process that ensued...

thought A: that would be perfect because then i could witness to him!

thought B: i could totally mention Jesus anytime i might possibly get pulled over and witness to all the police officers!

thought C: they might not want to hear it so then they'd stop pulling me over for fear of being witnessed to.....

thought of all thoughts for the day: i could drive as fast as i want because i would be 'that crazy frans lady that witnesses to you if you pull her over!' either that or i'll single handedly lead all the williamson county police officers to Christ! why have i never thought of this before?!?

yes, this is how my sick mind works.

i'll let you know how it turns out. :)

and for the record, i have never been pulled over for speeding; only running stop signs. there are so many of those things though! they can't mean it all the time!


Traci said...

My drivers ed teacher told my best friend in high school that stop signs w/ the white border were optional. As she proceeded to fly through one, he slammed on the breaks and shouted, "What are you doing?" She calmly reminded him of what he'd said. He didn't realize that 15 year olds might not really know all the street signs and laws and realize when you're kidding!

Lauren said...

Why didn't I think of this when I got pulled over recently, on my way to Bible study? Darn!