Monday, September 29, 2008

poop makes ice melt

we came home from church yesterday and, as always, i asked colby what he learned in sunday school. sometimes he says, "i don't know," or "i don't remember," and then sometimes he tells us what he learned-as he remembers it.
me: "colby, what did you learn in sunday school today?"
colby: "we learned about the man that couldn't hear or talk."
me: "oh, you did? what happened to him?"
colby: "his ears didn't work and when he moved his mouth he just (moves his mouth like he's talking, but no sound comes out), and the people said 'Jesus! Jesus!' and Jesus came and touched his tongue and his ears and said, 'BE ALIVE!!!' (and thats how he said it--very loudly).
me: "wow, did he say it that loud?"
colby: "yeah. Jesus said, 'BE ALIVE!!!' oh no. wait, he said 'BE WELL!!!' not 'BE ALIVE!!!'
me: "then what happened?"
colby: "then he was all better. but he got sick again. then he died."

i'm guessing perhaps it came up in conversation that even though Jesus healed the man, he didn't live forever. he still died one day, like we all do.....maybe thats what happened?? or maybe colby just in his own thought process, figured that must be how it ended. eventually.

now we get to the poop thing (see title).

this afternoon i was in the kitchen starting the process of getting dinner ready, and colby was playing in the living room. i could hear him, but i wasn't really listening. you probably have done the same. although maybe not with your kids. :)
anyway, he comes into the kitchen with one of molly's dolls in one hand and the now naked doll's clothes in the other hand.
colby: "mommy, can you put these back on her?"
me: "why did you take them off of her?" (i'm expecting something to the effect of 'i wanted to see what she looked like under her clothes,' or 'i wanted to see if she was a girl.' we're easing our way into that stage).
colby: "so she could poop on mr. freeze."
me: (of course. duh.) "why would she do that?"
colby: "to melt the ice."
me: "but doesn't he shoot ice at people?"
colby: "yeah, but she pooped on it before he could shoot it at her."
me: "because poop melts ice?"
colby: "yes, it does."

good to know.

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The Day's said...

I love conversations with Colby. Cracks me up. I am so looking forward to conversations with Cayden. I hope he's just as imaginative as your Colby!