Saturday, May 30, 2009

project 365, week 22!!!

welcome to week 22 in pictures!
we had quite a week; a wedding on sunday, memorial day, colbys last day of school, me feeling really stupid a birthday party on thursday, baby shower saturday. to top it all off molly decided to start crib hopping and ended up graduating to a toddler bed on thursday night. its been quite eventful and i hate that my pictures dont really capture all the stuff thats been going on around here this week. i blogged about the craziness on thursday though, so if you're truly interested you can check it out...its been one of those weeks.

SUNDAY, may 24th
colby was down to his underwear (he had spaghettios for lunch-nuf said) and had me tie a blanket around his neck. then he started jumping from the chair onto the couch (yes, i let my children abuse my furniture). with his makeshift cape, he totally looked like he was flying.

MONDAY, may 25th
after a morning of yardwork and laundry, we went to some friends house to swim and eat dinner. i somehow neglected to take any pictures all day, so i snapped this on the way home. its allen and colby driving alongside myself and molly. allen had to come a little later so we were in seperate cars.

TUESDAY, may 26th
an update on the birds: they are all grown up and flying around. every year once the babies start flying they all move out and i dont see them till next spring. however, i noticed yesterday that they're making their nest bigger, so maybe they plan on staying awhile. i like having them around, but at the same time theres the whole 'poop issue'.

WEDNESDAY, may 27th
today was colbys last day of school, so all the parents were there for a short program and preschool graduation for the kids moving on to kindergarden next year. each of the kids not graduating was assigned an animal to dress up as, and they recited the alphabet with animals. colbys the good looking fish. check out the giraffe! that kid could barely move.

THURSDAY, may 28th
two pictures!
we went to my parents house for dinner with them and my grandparents.
the first picture is my papaw (hes 84 years young) and my parents dog brutus.
the second one is colby standing on top of allens car, showing off his muscles. right after i took this he jumped off the car to allen. i guess its a guy thing.....

FRIDAY, may 29th
some friends of ours went out for their anniversary and we had given them a free night of babysitting, so they cashed it in. lane kept us company all evening, and the kids enjoyed having him here.

SATURDAY, may 30th
two pictures again!
the first is colby being goofy at the baby shower. say "cheese".
the second is me and my two best friends from high school. zach and i have actually been best friends since about 9th grade and haley became my best friend around 11th grade. she was my maid of honor and he was a 'bridesman'; stood on my side and everything. we are still great friends to this day. he and i had a water fight (we must have reverted back to middle school for a second), and he won. thats why i'm wet and he pretty much isnt. :)

monday we head to the beach for senior trip. every year all the seniors with 80% (or higher) sunday school attendance are eligible for senior trip to port aransas. we usually go the last week of may, but school is getting out later this year, so we're outta here on monday. since allen is the youth pastor, our whole family gets to go!! mollys never been to the beach, so i'm really excited. i'm sure next weeks pictures will be great!

until next time.....


sara said...

love the pictures this week!!!

I really enjoyed reading about your best friends! My son has a best friend that is a girl and many people don't understand it...they're always asking if they are dating. If they do date other people, both of them will lay it out early that they are best friends and if the relationship is to continue, they have to be ok with that!! I would love to see her stand up for him someday as a bestwoman!! very cool!

tiffany said...

LOVE the pic of him in his cape!! I bet he'd get along great with my grandson! lol

Dena said...

Great pictures! I love the "superman" shot and I have a few of those myself from years gone by. My best friend was a guy too, who was unfortunately killed by a drunk driver. Not only do I miss him, but the unique relationship you get when you are such good friends with someone of the opposite sex.

Lisa said...

That's such a neat idea to inspire sunday school attendance.

The one of the cap is the funniest. My kids have most of the furniture in our house, too. We can get new sets once they are gone, right?

Crazy week! Glad they are not all like that!

Oh, yeah, and I totally agree that guys make great friends. They were definately my preference in high school.

Kim said...

Maybe your photos didn't reflect the true craziness of your week but they're still great (and that's why we blog so we can record those crazy times). I love the one of the boys whipping by in the car :-) And the one of you with your best buds. My daughter was just in her best buddie's wedding as a grooms'person'.

Have a great week!

KALDesign said...

Hey Amy, you forgot to tell everyone you were Zach's Groom's girl when he and April got married too. I love that you are all close now. And Allen will always be my third son, so it's all in the family.
Great pictures. I have gotten kind of lazy at posting mine, but I am still taking them. One day I'll get back in the swing.

Audrey and Company said...

I love the cape picture! Have fun at the beach, can't wait to see your pictures.

LindaCCC said...

Wow that was fun. I'll have to try this challenge of taking pictures one a day and writing about them.

Becky said...

I think this weeks pics are pretty great! I love all the shots of your boy being ...well, a boy. LOL.

Love the say cheese shot, too funny!

Have a great trip!

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