Friday, July 10, 2009

alabama, you're no friend of mine.

i am currently sitting at my moms house because our a.c. is out for the 2nd time this summer.
i did just get word that they're at the house fixing it now, so the kids and i will be able to head home soon.

allen left today for birmingham, alabama with a group of 40 for world changers mission trip.
thats not why the blog title is such, though. i have nothing personal against alabama.
molly, however, is not a fan....

you see, molly has a pallet on the floor next to our bed to sleep on if/when she comes into our room at night.
the pallet is made of none other that the blanket allen takes with him on mission trip, camp, etc.' when molly noticed it was gone this morning she said,
molly: "mommy! wheres my map?" (thats what she calls it, i think she means mat.)
me: "daddy needed to take it to alabama."
molly: "and when alabama is done with it, she will give it back and sleep in her bed?"
me: (laughing) "yes, love, alabama will give it back when shes done."
i didnt want to try and explain that alabama is a state. i like her perspective.
then when we got to church to pray over the group and see them off, one of the girls going on the trip had a flip flop malfunction and was completely unable to get to her suitcase. my mom gave her the crocs off her feet, and literally left with no shoes.
molly noticed that grammies shoes were gone and said,
molly: "grammie, where are your shoes?"
grammie: "ms jennifer is taking them to alabama."
molly: "alabama took your shoes?!?"
when shes 20 shes probably going to have this deep seeded dislike of alabama, and she wont know why.

in other news, colby has come up with a list of pool rules that i think i need to share with you , so that you may practice pool safety in these hot months of summer.
on the way to moms house, we pass a city pool. colby pointed it out and we talked about swimming for a second, then he turns on his most official voice and says, (excuse the weird punctuation. i'm trying to convey it exactly as he said it. and he was very serious):
colby: "pool rule number one! no diving! you do not dive into the pool. unless you brought diving sticks. then its ok.
pool rule number two! do not drive your cars or bicycles into the pool. they need to stay in the parking lot.
pool rule number three! do not pick up the bugs! if you see an ant-do. not. pick. it up. if you see a wasp- do. not. pick. it up. if you see a hornet- do. not. pick. it up. if you see a lemur (what?)- do. not. pick. it up. if you see a hissing cockroach, you can pick it up. it will hiss at you.
pool rule number four! if you bring a cow, do not milk it! unless you caught it while you were on a horse. then you can milk it in that case.
me: "so, if you didnt catch it on a horse....?"
colby: "if you didnt catch it on a horse...if you were just walking, and caught it with a rope or your hands, then you cant milk it, but if you were on a horse and caught it, then you can milk it."
me: "wow, those are all very important. anything else you can think of?"
colby: "no, i think thats all the important stuff."

so there you have it. i'm heading home to cool off in my hopefully very much air conditioned house. next up, project 365.


Dawn said...

LOL... still chuckling over the "map."

And, thank goodness someone FINALLY explained all those pool rules to me. Especially the cow one. That's been bothering me for quite some time! LOL!!!

Call if you need any help while Allen's away - I'll loan you Larry if it's a "man's job."

Hope you have a nice cool house to sleep in tonight.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Oh my gosh, it is all great. But I especially like the intrusion the ornery Miss Alabama has made into your lives. Shame on her.

Vicki A. said...

Oh my Gosh....this is too funny! I can't stop laughing...when I'm the only one in the room and I laugh, that mean it's really funny...both Alabama and the pool.