Monday, July 13, 2009

molly and her red ruby slippers

it all started when i got hooked on 'Wicked', the musical thats based on the wicked witch of the west and glenda the good witch. i listen to the soundtrack in my car, so my kids learned a few of the songs as well.
i mentioned to them one day that theres a movie with those people in it, but its kind of a different story. we have it on dvd, so i put it in one afternoon a couple of weeks ago and let them watch it. its been pretty much oz mania around here ever since. my friend casey and i were talking about halloween the other day and how she wants to throw a party (her birthday is on the 31st) so she and i can dress as galinda (later glenda the good witch) and elphaba (later the wicked witch), colby overheard and chimed in that he wants to be the tinman and molly can dress as dorothy.

fast forward to saturday morning...
i'm cleaning out closets and taking stock of what the kids have as far as winter clothes before i go stock up at the big sale at the resale shop that afternoon. molly found a pair of well loved, hand-me-down, red glittery ballet flats (i suppose they're supposed to be red ruby slippers), and put them on immediately. they rubbed blisters on her feet fairly quickly, as they are at least a size too big, but she would not take them off; she was just wakling around crying about her feet hurting. i finally talked her into wearing socks, because after all, dorothy wears socks, and its a good thing, too. good for mollys feet anyway.
she wore them all day saturday, took a bath saturday night and put them back on after the bath, and put them on as soon as she woke up sunday. i had to pick an outfit with red in it so she wouldnt look completely ridiculous at church.
on a side note, colby found a pair of rain boots at the resale shop that he just had to have, and has been wearing them with the same fervor that molly has for her 'dorothy shoes'.
they're a lovely pair. and yes, he wore his rain boots to church on sunday with his dress clothes.
this is the icing on the cake:
sunday afternoon we met some friends at the pool. colby and molly wore their new shoes with their swimsuits. molly looked especially fabulous in her swimsuit, socks, and red ruby slippers.
some battles just arent worth fighting. colbys were a little more justified in that they're 'water friendly.'
but i digress...
so we get in the pool, and my kids are making friends right away with the other kids that are there, because thats what they do, and i hear the little girl ask molly what her name is.
molly: "dorothy."
colby: "no its not. you're molly jo."
molly: "no! i'm dorothy, colby. i'm dorothy!"
i just laughed and walked away. i never heard what the little girls were actually calling molly. they may have avoided calling her anything all together out of confusion.
at any rate, they had a good time...
... and the shoes are back on today.


Dawn said...

Kat had silver glitter shoes that she loved. For Burrito, it was a pair of Buzz Lightyear tennis shoes that had the lights that flashed in the heels when he walked. He claimed he ran faster in them!

Amy said...

"Dorothy" sounds like she is having a great time!

Be Blessed,


Audrey and Company said...

I love that picture!

Lisa said...

i can so, totally relate to this story. just not worth fighting about and ultimately no harm is done.its amazing at what age women will start sacrificing comfort for vanity