Sunday, July 5, 2009

things i've learned

either through conversation or experience, these are things i've learned from colby and molly over the last few days. in no particular order...

1) watermelon is made of water, a little bit of sugar, and apple juice.

2) peeing on a tree is just as good for it as watering would be.

3) jellyfish are the bumblebees of the ocean (because they sting).

4) throwing a still smoldering sparkler on dry grass will start a small fire.

5) eating gum off the bottom of a movie theatre seat will, in most cases, not hurt you.

6) in the wizard of oz, when the trees throw their apples at dorothy, its because they think shes a wood scorpion and they're afraid shes going to eat their bark.

7) colby knows the pledge of allegiance. i had no idea.

8) crayon is almost impossible to get off a stainless steel refrigerator (even with magic eraser).

9) excessive amounts of watermelon will turn a two year olds poop pink.

10) colby: "sharks are the kings of the ocean, because they're boys."

me: "are all sharks boys?"

colby: "yes."

me: "then where do baby sharks come from?"

colby: "there aren't any baby sharks. just big, mean, king sharks."


Dawn said...

Seriously laughing here!

A few similar that I've learned, in no particular order:

You cannot paint over a beautiful piece of art, skillfully drawn with a Sharpie on a brand new bathroom door. (It bleeds through.) One must sand and repaint the door.

Blueberry snowcones will turn a 5-year-old's poop the most amazing shade of turquois. It will also cause the 5 YO to scream in panic when he sees the color in the bottom of the bowl.

Peeing in the backyard is very good thing. Why? Because "it just feels right." (Guess which child felt that way? LOL)

Licking the bottom of your shoe apparently doesn't hurt you. He's still alive.

Pencil is impossible to get off dining room walls - when the child has beared down on it and the "lines" must be filled with drywall mud, sanded and repainted. (In a brand new house... thank you, Kat!)

Laundry detergent powder, no matter how much you put in your cats water, will not make them "clean on the inside" but will make them throw up... numerous time... all over the house. (Again, thank you, Kat!) It did, however, result in totally clean carpets as I ended up having to shampoo carpet all over the house.

And, I could go on and on and on...

sara said...

oh my word, those are cute!!! I am so glad you are writing them down so that you can remember them and repeat them back when your kids are 20...they will get a kick out of it!

Mama Belle said...

I'm giggling over here. How much watermelon are ya'll eating?

Anonymous said...

one time my brother was helping E in the bathroom, he came out and said, uh, his poop is neon green... I couldn't think of what caused it and was about to get on the computer and look up green poop when I remembered we had made green pancakes and he had devoured them... soo, the lesson learned is don't stress over rainbow poop.

Audrey and Company said...

I love your line about watermelon turning your poop pink. Molly did eat her fair share of it on the
4th. :)

Lisa said...

I agree with Sara...these are great things to be documenting. funny how they think they have a handle on the way things are.