Saturday, July 18, 2009

project 365 ,week 29

allens been gone all week on mission trip.
we've passed the time pretty well, i think. colby got sick sunday night/monday with allergy junk, but other than that, it was a great week.

SUNDAY, july 12th
my house was grossing me out. i spent the better part of the day cleaning. exhibit a: spotless floors.

MONDAY, july 13th
molly found these shoes in a bag of hand-me-downs while i was cleaning out her closet saturday morning, and colby found these lovelies at the resale shop saturday afternoon. they havent taken them off since other than to bathe and sleep.

TUESDAY, july 14th
pei wei for lunch. each of the kids polished off an entire order of edamame!

WEDNESDAY, july 15th
we went to some friends' house to swim and eat dinner. we 'bathed' the kids in the pool at the end of the evening, and the all ended up swimming naked. traci and i decided its ok till their 5.

THURSDAY, july 16th
haley and i went to dinner and down to south congress to shop and get a cupcake. theres a line of retro trailers that all sell fabulous food. people wait in ridiculous lines to get this stuff! it was a very fun experience.

FRIDAY, july 17th
our a.c. went out for the 3rd time this summer late thursday night. i got up and got out of the house friday late morning to go pick up the kids from my moms house and wait there till the repair man could come fix it. i took this picture before i left. on the right is what the temp should be. on the left is what it actually is. i'm guessing thats at least 90 something, but its hard to tell since it stops at 80. crazy!

SATURDAY, july 18th
a birthday surprise for daddy. read about our ugly cake in the post below. :)

have a great week!!


Dena said...

Great pictures! Your thermometer could be what ours is too...only for us it would be that on the left is what its supposed to be outside and on the right is what it is. Hasn't feel like July, that's for sure.

sara said...

love Pei Wei!!! I was so excited to find edema me at Sam's!!!

the little bum picture is hilarious!!!

great week!

Dawn said...

The clean floor would be picture-worthy in my house, too!

Can't wait to hear what Allen had to say about the awesome ugly cake. (I'm sure it tasted great!)

Kim said...

Okay the ugly cake story had me in stitches! I can so see that happening to me if I actually ever tried to, you know, decorate a cake. LOL My hubby is the cake decorator, believe it or not! Anyway, my kids would have had a melt down too. So glad the promise of "man placement" turned the tide. Oh my side hurts from laughing!

BTW, loved your other pictures too.

tiffany said...

GREAT pictures this week, that one with him in his birthday suit is fantastic! lol

Liz said...

OH MY! I am SO glad that I visited your blog this week! I love, love, love the shoes and boots, but the naked swimming picture in the boots is priceless...totally wonderful!
I love edemame, and so do my kids. You are blessed as well!

Dawn said...

PS - Love the tan line! LOL

Audrey and Company said...

I am loving Colby's tan line.

Darla said...

oh my, we had dinner at vespaio's the other night and i think i might have seen that cupcake trailer! haha. is this Austin? i really really loved it there. great photos!!!

rita said...

Adorable pics and stories, memorable moments!