Saturday, July 11, 2009

project 365, week 28

lots and lots of swimming this week. i think we swam 4 of the 7 days.
thats typical for us in the summer, though, but this was kind of our first official week of summer after all the youth camps and traveling and illness.
here we go...

SUNDAY, july 5th
my new phone! the phone i had was fried. i dropped it at least once a day and it started turning itsself off at random a couple of weeks ago, which was causing allen much frusteration when trying to call me. isnt it cute?

MONDAY, july 6th
i pulled all my scrapbooking stuff out again. i had put it away awhile back because we actually needed to eat off the dining room table. i'm very slowly catching up. i think i'm in october of '08.

TUESDAY, july 7th
my parents got an above groun pool over the weekend, so we went over to break it in. its about three feet deep and 10 feet across. its perfect for the kids. the water hits colby at his chest and mollys head sticks out right under her chin. they love it.

WEDNESDAY, july 8th
we went to the sprinkler park with our friends the ogradys. our kids are best buds and its been weeks since we've seen them outside of church. we had a great time!

THURSDAY, july 9th
our grass is in desperate need of water; not surprising after a few weeks of triple digit heat.
i guess this is when the water bill starts climbing.

FRIDAY, july 10th
i was selected to be in a market research focus group about furniture with an organizational feature. i sat for 2 hours with 7 other women and gave my opinion about what i like, dislike, need, would use if it were available, etc. the best part? i walked out with a $100 bill!! i'm not sure it gets much easier than that.

SATURDAY, july 11th
too hot to go outside, and they're done with swimming for the week. coloring is the activity of choice for today.

have a great week! stay cool...literally!


Dawn said...

Other than the AC going out on you, sounds like a good week - especially the new pool!

I once did a market test for a Christian radio station and got $100 for listening to contemporary Christian music for two hours. Cool, huh?!

LuAnn said...

I love the sprinkler park. We have been blessed not to have it so hot this week.
Are you going shopping?????
Have a great week!!!

Lisa said...

So nice to have all those kid-friendly water places to go, especially with the heat you have down there.

Yay for easy money!

tiffany said...

Love the idea of a sprinkler park!!
Wow, great job on the $100.00, you're right, it doesn't get much easier or better than that lol
Great pictures this week :o)

Dena said...

Great pictures!
We haven't hardly had any really hot days yet, so I'm kind of envious (although, I don't want triple digits either).
I have so much scrapbooking stuff, and never have started on any of it yet. My goal now is to get the kids' books done before they ever get married someday - ha.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Yay for a new phone! It IS cute! :)

You can tell just from you pictures that we are in the throes of summer - all of the water activities going on. I am not usually big on pools myslef, but lately I've been dying to get in just to cool off.

Kim said...

Adorable phone. The thing most difficult about changing phones is getting all the numbers transferred but now they do it for you, so it's a breeze. Yay!

Lovin' all the summer time shots as I shiver here in my robe :-) Isn't too bad though. Definitely better than winters in Michigan!

Liz said...

What great pictures! You captured a good variety of activities and I love the coloring hand!