Saturday, July 4, 2009

project 365, week 27

i honestly wanted to blog just about every day this week, but the days flew by and i absolutely did not have the time!
SUNDAY, june 28th
round rock is the home of the express, the triple a team for the houston astros. every year we have whats called 'faith night' where a christian band comes and does a concert and express players give testimony. my husband is the chaplain for the team, so he's pretty much in charge of it. we went for the concert and to hear allen interview the players then we headed home and out of the triple digit heat.
MONDAY, june 29th
i brought home some avocados from the store (as usual) and made guacamole. colby wanted to plant the pit and grow an avocado tree since "i eat so much gucamole." i was hesitant at first. how many other seeds have we planted with no fruit? pun intended.
but i thought, 'why not,' and looked up insructions on the internet for starting an avocado tree. this is what we get to nurture for the next 4 to 6 weeks. hopefully something will grow out of the top and we can transfer it to a pot.
TUESDAY, june 30th
praise the Lord for rain!! it wasnt much, but we'll take whatever He offers!
WEDNESDAY, july 1st
mom and i took the kids to the natural bridge wildlife ranch. not my first rodeo, so to speak, but mom had never been. we had a great time feeing the animals from the car, but there were so many other people there, that the animals weren't as interested in us as they have been in the past. oh, and i definitely did not panic when this ostrich stuck his head in my car. and i absolutely did not throw almost an entire bag of food out the window just to get him away from me.
THURSDAY, july 2nd just call me crafty! i made these shirts for the kids to wear on the 4th. the instructions came from family fun magazine, so i cant take credit for the idea. i cut a piece of bandana out, pinned it to the inside of the shirt, and stitched it from the outside (in the star shape you see), then cut the tshirt away from the bandana underneath so it could show through. cute, yes?

FRIDAY, july 3rd we loaded up at a fireworks stand friday afternoon. we've never done them before with the kids, so we bought a bunch of little stuff to do in the backyard before bedtime. i tried and tried to flip the picture the right way, but finally gave up. just tilt your head to the right.

SATURDAY, july 4th happy 4th of july!! we went to the parade in downtown round rock, like we do every year. some friends of ours live right on the parade route so we go sit in their front yard under their big shade trees and let the kids run around and collect candy from the passing floats and cars.

i hope you had a great week!! link up to sara to share your pictures!


Dena said...

Great photos! Your little ostritch friend cracks me up with the way he looks to be smiling. What a charmer he is. LOL

The shirts you made are adorable! What a creative idea, no matter who came up with it.

Lisa said...

I have the same comment as Dena. The picture of that ostrich is HYSTERICAL! If I ever need a good laugh, I'll just picture that whole scene in my mind. SO funny.

You are totally crafty making those shirts. Since it requires a needle and thread I probably will not be attempting, but still inspiring.

KALDesign said...

Great pictures.

As for the avocados....I started 2 trees last winter. As soon as it turned nice, I put the pot outside. One day of sun and the leaves shriveled and turned brown and that was before triple digits. So if you plant them out, make sure it is in the shade.

sara said...

yep, that ostrich is the show stealer!!! too funny!!

the shirts are adorable! and easy! I will definitely have to remember that one!

we haven't gotten much rain either and need it....I am finally to a point where I would not mind seeing some rain!

Kim said...

I'm like you with lack of success with growing things. But recently Barb (A Chelsea Morning) posted a detailed "how to" do an avocado seed. You can find it at:

I might have been rolling up the window so fast if an ostrich stuck his head in, I might have decapitated it. *gulp* So you showed great restraint at just throwing a bag of food at it. LOL

That's pretty cool to have a friend on the parade route. I love parades but in the hot sun, not so much.

Have a great week!

skoots1mom said...

love, love, love the shirts...too cute.
still laughing at the ostrich...eeeewwwww. they can be mean!
great pics

Susan D said...

The ostrich picture is a hoot. Blessings, SusanD

Darla said...

i think those t-shirts you made are adorable! way to go! i love to make simple things for my girls too.

tiffany said...

Love all of your pictures but that ostrich one really tickles me!!

rita said...

I threw some avocado stones in some dirt and now have two 2 ft. healthy starts. We used to have a nice litte tree growing in our dining room porthole/window when we lived on the ship Doulos.
Good luck!
Your friendy ostrich really enjoyed that meal. He has a grateful smile! Too funny!