Saturday, September 26, 2009

project 365, week 39

a rainy, but fun week.
i'm trying to get back into my blogging groove. i've managed in the last couple weeks to post entries between my project 365 posts, which could be either good or bad considering most of them are accounts of usually horrific or embarrassing (or both!) experiences with my beloved preschoolers. :)
heres the week...

SUNDAY, september 20th
the cast list was finally posted for ANNIE and i got the part of grace farrell, the secretary to mr warbucks. its a big part and i'm super excited about it!! 'kiwi' is the name of the cast i'm on. because its the holiday show, they've triple cast it (yes, three separate casts...crazy!!!) because there are performances every night in december. the normal performance schedule is friday and saturday nights, and a sunday matinee. a lot more shows means a need for a lot more people to do it. they dont want us to have to be up there every single night--especially during the holidays. i dont know that anyone could.

MONDAY, september 21st
homeschool with colby is going very well. we definitely have our moments, and i do mean we. this is our little area where we sit and go through our books and worksheets and stuff together.

TUESDAY, september 22nd
allen and i celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary today, however i managed not to get a picture of our date. leah and i did take the kids to the imax that afternoon, though for a 3D ocean movie, which is right up colbys alley. molly learned that even at a museum, you can still sit in timeout. i love the full-body pout.

WEDNESDAY, september 23rd
still rainy; i dont even know how many days in a row this is (but we're grateful!). the kids used my bed pillows and 'to be washed' laundry piles for an obstacle course. it kept them busy for about an hour.

THURSDAY, september 24th
my first ANNIE rehearsal!! this is the outside of the theatre. 'man of la mancha' opens next weekend, and several of my friends are in it. i really hope i get to go!

FRIDAY, september 25th
we spent the morning at a birthday party with a great group of friends.
molly is enjoying her baby-bop cupcake.

SATURDAY, september 26th
on my way to rehearsal number two, and the first dance rehearsal!! yay!!! thursday night's rehearsal was vocal.
i did not have my hair down or my scarf on by the time we were done. the rehearsal stage we are using is actually a converted warehouse behind the theatre, and theres currently no a.c.
we were sweaty messes at the end of the hour. but it was sooo much fun!!
i know this is a lame picture, but i knew if i didnt take one while i was thinking about it, i wouldnt have one for the day. its been that kind of week!

have a fabulous week!! hopefully you're getting some autumn weather. we had a few days of it, but its back up in the 90's again! ugh. gotta love central texas.


sara said...

loved your week!

The full body pout is pretty darn good! I give her a 9.5. She would have gotten a 10 had she been sliding off the bench! ha!

I am so exited for you and Annie!! I would LOVE, love to come see never know!

LuAnn said...

Fun picures this week.
Congrates on your part in Annie. I too would love to come and see a performance.
Sounds like that will keep you hoppin' for quite awhile. Have fun !!!!

Lisa said...

Glad school is going well.

Congrats on 8 years!!

I checked earlier in the week to see if you'd gotten the happy for you and such a great part! Can't imagine all those performances in December though. Christmas is about all I can deal with!

Have a good week!

Kim said...

Congrats on the part!

It's funny how our kids can have tons of toys but they have way more fun with objects around the house :-) Pillows, an empty box, a blanket and some chairs... plus a good dose of imagination of course!

Looks like you've fixed up a very nice "school" -- glad to hear it's going well.

Have a great week!

Dena said...

Congratulations on getting the part of Grace! Sounds like it will be so much fun.

I love your little school area. So cute.

Jamie @ Six Bricks High said...

Found you over on Sara's blog.

Love that full body pout:) Congratulations on Annie...very exciting!

rita said...

First shall be last...
You were the first to link up this week, you are really on top of things. I am reading yours last.
This is one of the first times i have gotten around to all the blogs in the Project 365 circle.
Great photos all around. Don't know which is my favorite, maybe 'pouty' :)
Congrats on 8 year anniversary, and on the Grace role. i love theatre. Wish i could come.