Sunday, January 3, 2010

project 365, week 1 and the last few pictures of 2009

i wanted to wrap up the year in pictures if nothing else, than for the sake of my blog book i'm putting together.
i will probably more or less do 365 again this year, but i wont be as particular about it, and if i miss a day, then i miss it. no biggie.
my main goal is to blog more of the day to day. i missed that this year. part of it i think is because i feel like if i dont have anything particularly funny to share, then no one will be interested. i need to get over that.

so here are my jan 1st and 2nd pictures and then the rest of 2009.

FRIDAY, january 1st
the very first picture taken with my camera in 2010. approx 12:01 am

SATURDAY, january 2nd
these were one of my pictures a few weeks ago because i saw them while i was out christmas shopping at pier 1. allen got them for me for christmas (he takes a hint so well) and he hung them up today. love!!

and to finish up 2009....

SUNDAY, december 27th
my new red sink!!! love it!

MONDAY, december 28th
my last performance as Grace. bittersweet. this is Lana. she was my Annie.

TUESDAY, december 29th
shayne and kristin came over today to pray over the kids. shayne and kristin are the ideal picture of the big brother/little sister relationship. we love their family and the relationship they have with their parents and each other and would love to see colby and molly have that same closeness. when molly was a newborn, we asked them to come over when shayne was home from college for christmas, and pray over the kids. each year we grab them for a couple hours one afternoon before they both have to get back to their respective universities. this is the fourth year we've done it and its just a sweet time for us all to visit and catch up.

WEDNESDAY, december 30th
some of my friends from 'Annie' came over for lunch today and then we went and saw 'NINE', the new musical movie. it was, eh. i was disappointed overall if i'm being honest about it.
after the movie we went back to my house, got the kids (my mom watched them for me), and went for ice cream. this is diego and erica with molly and colby.

THURSDAY, december 31st
allen did a wedding ceremony at the botanical gardens this afternoon. its been cold and rainy for a week , but today it was 68 and sunny; a beautiful day for an outdoor wedding. i took the kids and we kind of hung out in the back till the ceremony was over, then we walked around with daddy for a bit and went and had lunch at the reception. it was a very nice afternoon.

happy new year!!
this is the 6th year in a row we've spent new years eve with the lamberts and the barners. we go to dinner, then come back to one of our houses for dessert, sparkling grape juice (i make myself sick on the stuff) and games to ring in the new year. we love them and i hope this is something we can do for mayn many more years to come!!!


Cathy said...

Looks like a fun week. I love the signs over your fireplace and I love your red sink.

sara said...

loved your week....mostly I love your red sink!!!! it is awesome and I have a little bit of sink envy going on!!! it would look really great in my house!!!


LuAnn said...

Enjoyed your pictures but I am sorry I am coveting your red sink.

H-Mama said...

what a fun week. love your first pic. cute blog. ;)

~*~KIMBERLY~*~ said...

Great pix!

Elizabeth said...

Great pictures... Love your new red sink!

Happy New Year!

rita said...

Every one and every thing.
Especially love the tradition of Big Brother and Sister as 'praying' partners with your kids!