Thursday, January 14, 2010

ladies' man

i went to pick colby up from awanas last night and the teacher, ms. chris, pulled me aside...
ms chris: i have to tell you what colby did tonight.
me: thats always an exciting way to start a conversation.
ms chris: colby looked around at the girls as said, 'who wants to marry me?' and tayler said, 'i want to marry you more than a rainbow!!' i dont even know what that means, but she seemed to think it was a very big deal. then ruth said, 'i want to marry you too, colby.' so colby put his arms around both of them, but you could definitely tell there was some love there between he and tayler.

as shes telling me this, colby and tayler are locked in a farewell embrace. i guess you cant fight a love stronger than rainbows.


Anonymous said...

thats my boy!!! although i think i would like something a bit stronger than rainbow love, but i guess in the context of God's promise with the rainbow, then its pretty solid. ***keep in contxt allen***

sara said...

better get on your knees now!!! :)