Friday, January 15, 2010

ladies or money; cant have both

my friend sean came over last night to do some work on our computer.
we were sitting in the playroom and colby comes in and sits down. sean and i continued our conversation (i dont even remember what we were talking about) and colby out of nowhere says
colby: "i like ladies."
me: "what?"
colby: "i like ladies. i like them a lot."
me: "well, thats good. we want you to like ladies."
colby: "i like ladies more than money."
at this point i cant respond because i'm laughing to hard to say anything.
sean: "that will help you in the future."
colby: "oh yeah?"
sean: "yeah, cause if you like ladies you wont have any money."
colby: "i'm going to give all my money to the ladies."
sean: "yes you will. if you like them, you will."

so random but so funny.
i still have no idea where that came from.


sara said...

I am seeing a theme you think Colby likes the ladies?

very cute!

Dawn said...

Does he like much older women??? I'd like him to marry Kat.