Sunday, January 10, 2010

project 365, week 2

its been so good to get back into a routine this week after 3+ weeks of holiday craziness!
went to the gym 4 times. did all 3 days of school with colby with only minimal frusteration. grocery shopped on monday. life is good. this week we'll add awanas at church on wedensday night back into the mix and maybe squeeze in a midweek playdate.

SUNDAY, january 3rd
allen preached last sunday. his sermon was callen "new years resolutions are from hell." you can listen to it here. we hung our ornaments up yesterday. i'm not going to tell you what they're for, but if you listen you'll find out. haha, hows that for leaving you hanging?? :)

MONDAY, january 4th
molly got a serious hair cut today. she wont let me do anything to it, so it always looks stringy and scraggley. they took about 2 inches off and trimmed her bangs. she was not a fan of the idea, but i told her she'd look like dora. SOLD!

TUESDAY, january 5th
i made a greek salad today. i've been craving greek food, but cant personally cook it, so this will have to do for now.

WEDNESDAY, january 6th
no picture. i'm a failure.

THURSDAY, january 7th
worked on my blurb book for most of the afternoon. its coming along....slowly.

FRIDAY, january 8th
my water was frozen solid when i got in my car to go to the gym this morning. this doesnt happen in texas, so it was worth taking a picture of.

SATURDAY, january 9th
cute napkins i picked up at the grocery store. this picture is NOT sideways on my camera, and my computer wont let me flip it, so......grr.

have a blessed week!!!


sara said...

that greek salad looks wonderful!!! I found a new greek restaurant here last week...I think I ate the best gyro I have ever eaten! I can't wait to go back!!

still working on my blurb book too. it is goin' slow, but I just have nov and dec left. then I still have my blog blurb book to do.

it is COLD here too....brrrrrr!

H-Mama said...

Greek salad is my favorite!! That looks so yummy. I'm sure your blurb book is going to look great. Maybe I'll do one after participating in this challenge for the year! Fun!

skoots1mom said...

love your pics...i love greek food a lot ... everything from spanikopita, gyros, olives, all!

Cathy said...

Great pictures. The salad looks good and your little girl is so cute getting her hair cut.

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

You left us hanging...SO TO SPEAK. Hardy har har har! :) the napkins!! Even if the pic is sideways. (Didn't bother me one bit.)

~*~KIMBERLY~*~ said...

Very Nice. I love the coloring in that greek salad. I love to take pix of food too. I can't remember what I posted in my P365 stuff though. I'll have to pay attention and do more food snaps.

rita said...

What's one day missed, you're making a blurb book! WOW!
How does 'Dora'like her hair?